VIDEOS Big Brother 12’s Kristen Bitting modeling bikinis

24-year-old Kristen Bitting is one of 13 cast members on Big Brother 12, set to premiere July 8 on CBS. As part of her resume to appear on this season’s beach-themed rendition of the reality competition, Kristen has quite a bit of experience modeling bikinis. Thanks to the fine folks over at Pango Pango Swimwear we’re able to share some of Kristen’s impressive resume with you.

Kristen’s Pango Pango experience isn’t just limited to still photos! (You can see more of those in our previous Kristen bikini post.) Our phavorite Philadelphia phox also did some live-action modeling work for Pango Pango including this next clip in which you can catch her working out on a treadmill:

And in this last clip we see Kristen enjoying a little miniature golf in her miniature swimsuit (caution – the song used contains adult language).

The casting agents sure knew what they were looking for when it comes to this season’s beach theme! I don’t know about you, but I already have an early favorite!

Big Brother season 12 premieres on Thursday, July 8th. CLICK HERE to see all of our coverage of the contestants and the show!