Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin posts lingerie baby bump photo, gets criticism, responds at length

Hilaria Baldwin baby bump photo in lingerie

“Lingerieby bump” photos are all the rage in the celebrisphere right now and yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, wife of 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin, got in on the trend by sharing the svelte selfie above on instagram earlier today and wrote, “#HilariaHealthy2015 he’s getting bigger!!”

The photo drew a good deal of praise, but also a good bit of negativity — both for Hilaria’s lack of attire and her thin frame. Hilaria, who has always been VERY health conscious, responded to the criticisms at length, explaining that she was reluctant to invite the public on her pregnancy journey with her first child, daughter Carmen, but she has decided that she does want to share the experience this time in hopes of demonstrating “how you can have an amazing pregnancy eating well and exercising.”

Hilaria’s diatribe of positivity was broken up into multiple posts, including one in which she explained why she became a yoga instructor in the first place:

Reading your comments today (and many days) makes me want to restate my purpose for becoming a teacher and everything I post on instagram. Long before you knew me as Alec’s wife, I was teaching 36 classes a week. I did this (both privately and groups) at discounted rates (even tho I could’ve used the money) so that I could reach as many as possible. I want you to know that you are in charge of your health and nearly anything is possible. We are all the same: made out of the same flesh and blood. My purpose in life is to provide you with information and inspiration. When you see something you like, don’t get frustrated, but rather open your eyes, look at your behavior, and see how you can make it possible.

She captioned the photo with the text above by adding, “We are in this together…let’s make 2015 count and be the year that you truly get healthy. I’m here for you #HilariaHealthy2015”

“I know so many women struggle with staying healthy while pregnant,” Hilaria wrote in the caption of another text graphic (below). “I’m hoping to share a little of what I know. This is why I am so open with you and share my pics. Sometimes it makes me nervous, but if I can help even just one of you, it’ll make the exposure totally worth it. It’s not showing off…it’s showing how it can be done…if it resonates with you.”

And here is her corresponding entry:

If you don’t want to see my belly grow, unfollow, as there will be more pics & I don’t want to hear any negativity. I will never show more that you would see me in a bikini on the beach. This is a new era and embracing our bodies while pregnant is very important. Women used to be so ashamed of their changing bodies and just hide…why?..because they are vessels for creating life? i was nervous to share with Carmen because I had those first mommy jitters and I felt so superstitious about everything. But I’ve decided this pregnancy, I will put all outcomes in the powers that be and hopefully share with you how you can have an amazing pregnancy eating well and exercising. Being pregnant with Carmen was a beautiful time in my life…I’m hoping to experience the same beauty with our son.

It seems that Hilaria may have “tweeted and deleted” (or whatever the corresponding term is for instagram. Instagrammed and scrammed?) a reaction post about bullying because she seems to reference it in this entry:

Silence is not the way to deal with bullying. Think about all the innocent children & adults who have suffered because of mean spirited people. We must come together and talk about it. If anyone makes a comment on my wall that is public, it is PUBLIC. I appreciate the warm words many of you shared today with this woman (as I encouraged), but for those who wanted me to turn away from someone so cruel, I cannot. i feel if it is out there, we must address it so that we can help this not spread to others who could feel so badly that they could do harm to themselves or others…we unfortunately see this every day. The post is down, as I hop the lesson is learned. My IG is for positivity only.

She captioned that one with, “Closure for today. Sending warm wishes to you all,” and the praying/high five emoji.

Hilaria then took the opportunity to honor MLk on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a quote from him about nonviolence that fit her positive messages:

Wise words, wise man…. Thank you #MLK for spreading peace and love #grateful

Una foto publicada por Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) el

To be honest, Hilaria has been so guarded about her personal life in the past I didn’t really have an opinion of her one way or another (not that my opinion would really matter), but after reading all this I’ve got some mad respect for her! I can’t wait to keep up with the rest of her pregnancy journey, and I hope she continues to fend off the detractors with more strength through positivity!

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