PHOTO Alec Baldwin arrested in New York City

Alec Baldwin Catholic

Notorious hothead Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York City today… Just not for anything you’d likely anticipate (i.e. cursing at a cabbie, breaking a paparazzo’s camera). Nope. Alec was hauled off to the police station in handcuff for riding his bike the wrong way down the road.

According to CBS New York, Alec was riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue shortly after 10 this morning. Cops pulled him over. Alec didn’t have identification on him and — this is where it starts to sound familiar — got belligerent with officers. After his outburst, eyewitnesses told InTouch he calmly got in the back of the police car.

NYPD sources report he was taken to a nearby police precinct and issued summons for riding the wrong way and disorderly conduct.

UPDATE After his release from custody, Alec quickly took to Twitter to continue his rant…

Sounds like it’s time for him to make that move to Los Angeles

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