PHOTOS VIDEO Is Brandi Glanville dating Spencer Falls? Seen holding hands, pitching woo at the pumpkin patch!

Brandi Glanville and her new boyfriend Spencer Falls?

Ladies and gentleman I’d like to introduce Hollwood’s latest couple…


Could it be that Bravolebridom’s most eligible bachelorette is single no more?!? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hottie Brandi Glanville was pictured picking pumpkins with pretty playboy Spencer Falls yesterday and the two seemed quite friendly as they walked (not limped – congrats Brandi!) about Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. They were even caught holding hands!

As you probably know, Brandi split from her husband of eight years Eddie Cibrian after he had an affair with country music singer (and sometimes actress) LeAnn Rimes back in 2009. (CLICK HERE for Brandi’s full background) LeAnn and Eddie have since gotten married, but Brandi has remained a single mom. Until now! (???)

Check out this video from X17 that shows the couple getting “cuddly” and really hamming up the romance for the cameras:

Spencer and Brandi both tweeted about their “melon”choly afternoon later that evening:

Brandi Glanville and Spencer Falls tweet about their pumpkin patch adventure

And speaking of “melons,” I particularly like Spencer’s rather suggestive caption for this next photo, “its that time of the year again. picking out the perfect pumpkins.”

Brandi Glanville shows off her perfect pumpkins with Spencer Falls

Spencer, you are correct sir! Those are indeed the perfect pumpkins!

Here are the two other photos shared by the perfect pumpkin picker:

Brandi Glanville and Spencer Falls are reportedly dating

Real Hosuewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville and Spencer Falls at the pumpkin patch

If Spencer Falls looks oddly familiar to you it’s because he is the male half of “Sparah,” a faux celebrity couple manufactured by Virgin Mobile for an advertising campaign chosen from thousands of entrants as part of a contest. Pairing up with Spencer was blond bombshell Sarah Carroll, and together (with the help of Virgin Mobile) they became “Perfect strangers who’ve been pulled from obscurity … given all the trappings of the celebrity lifestyle and inserted into the Hollywood scene.” Here’s an intro clip for the campaign announcing Spencer and Sarah as the two people chosen for the honor:

And here’s a sample of a Sparah “episode” from Youtube:

And a vlog by Spencer so you can get a better idea what this Brandi dandy is like!

Now, the thing with “Sparah” is that they intentionally put themselves into headline-grabbing situations. You might recall back in July when Spencer was rumored to be dating Lindsay Lohan after the two were photographed together, seemingly on a date. The “date” came just after Spencer met Lindsay during a racy photo shoot for Tyler Shields in which Spencer handled one of Lindsay’s pumpkins.

My guess is that the couple’s trip to the pumpkin patch was just a publicity stunt. (Going to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with Brandi Glanville seems like the perfect thing for Spencer to do! After all, it’s got starcasm talking about him for the first time, right?)

One thing we can be sure of after seeing these photos of Brandi and Spencer wooing it up at Mr. Bones, Brandi Glanville is still damn fine! Although, she still has a ways to go before she topples Gretchen Rossi for the title of Sexiest Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Housewives Photos!

Be sure to catch Brandi and fellow Beverly Hills housewife Dana Wilkey on Watch What Happens: Live! Monday night at 11 PM EST! (My prediction for what the drinking game word will be is “25 thousand dollars.”)

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