PHOTOS Sofia Vergara’s south of the border black bikini bod bangs

Modern Family Sofia Vergara sexy black bikini

It is an unwritten rule in the recesses of our corporate office, also known as my couch, to re-post any bikini photo that Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara is kind enough to share with a needy world. It’s kind of our version of TPS reports. We are repeated supporters of women with real curves and it doesn’t get more unreal-real than Sofia in a bikini.

The 39-year-old mother of one understands that her swimsuit awesomeness is a gift that should be shared with the modern global family. She posted the above pic to her account with the caption:

Ciao ciao One&Only Palmilla !!! It was amazing!! Te quiero Mexico

I will translate that for you. “This is Sofia Vergara’s bosom in a bikini. Surrender to my power for you are no match for my potency.”

How about a little zoom and a boom boom?

Sofia Vergara modern Family bikini breasts
Sofia Vergara in a sexy black bikini

Monday morning can be tough, but Vergara when she “a share-a” makes it all worth while. Thank you Miss V!

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