PHOTOS Tiger Woods mistress 2 Jaimee Grubbs at Christmas Charity event 12-10-09

Tiger Woods mistress Jaimie Grubbs

Ain’t “fame” funny? You can take a group of normal, everyday hot-bodied women and sprinkle a little Tiger on them and PRESTO! Celebrity!

Such is the case with Jamie Grubbs. Though she does have a bad reality show under her belt, it’s her dilly-dalliance with Tiger Woods that makes us care that she attended some Christmas charity event in Hollywood December 10, 2009:

Work that 15 minutes girl! Jaimee seemed a little awkward in the high heels, but otherwise was rockin’ the red carpet! She is exactly what women imagine the other woman looks like, and I guess I mean that in a good and bad way?

Jaimee apologized to Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren on Extra this week, but I’m a little suspicious of her sincerity because if you take a look at all her facial sparklies (I counted five of ’em) I think there’s a hidden message to her lover man! I only discovered it because of my fascination with constellations and celestial maps. Check it out:

Jaimee Grubbs hidden message made out of facial bling

See?!? You can’t get anything by me!

Photos: AR/Flynet Pictures
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