Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards in nude photo texting scandal with Shanley Urbanski

Ryan Edwards allegedly sent a nude photo to Shanley Urbanski among other illicit things

Teen Mom Maci Bookout’s ex, and 2-year-old Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards may have a number of undesirable qualities, but being physically unattractive is certainly not one of them. And now it seems the handsome heartbreaker is taking advantage of his recent rise to stardom and good looks to pitch a massive amount of woo, including allegedly sending nude photos of himself to a girl he met on Facebook, and asking her to do naughty things on Skype!

The scandalous story is from the new issue of OK! magazine and based on the word of 20-year-old Shanley Urbanski of Raleigh, North Carolina, who reportedly met Ryan via Facebook a little over a year ago.

Shanley Urbanski photos - girl who says she received a nude photo from Ryan Edwards
^ Shanley Urbanski who says Ryan Edwards sent her ilicit photos

Shanley tells OK!, “Ryan sent me texts and nude photos of himself,” which she then showed to the tabloid. Here is how the magazine described the pictures:

In the first one, the Teen Mom star stands shirtless in denim shorts, showing his eagle tattoo on the left side of his chest while photographing himself in a mirror. In the next, Ryan is still shirtless, but his yellow-and-black-plaid boxer shorts are revealed. The third photo is a nude close-up.

Shanley Urbanski who allegedly received illicit photos and texts from Teen Mom's Ryan EdwardsI’m the last person in the world to take Ryan Edwards’ side in anything, but that sounds a little suspicious to me – two photos of Ryan in shorts and boxers and then a “close-up” nude pic? That sure sounds like either Shanley or Ryan just went on the internet and got a close-up naughty bits photo doesn’t it? Oh, and you have to love her reaction to receiving the photos:

“If it was another guy, I would have thought it’s gross,” Shanley tells OK!. “But since it was him, I was happy. I told my friend, ‘It’s Ryan from Teen Mom!’”

And Ryan’s aggressive flirting didn’t stop with the texts and photos! According to Shanley, during a Skype conversation Ryan asked her to touch herself in a sexual way and said, “He has asked me to do things I’m not comfortable with.”

Ryan also allegedly told Shanley that he has been quite busy since Teen Mom first aired, claiming to have slept with “hundreds” of girls in that time. “He seems like he gets with different girls each week,” Shanley says.

Meanwhile, Ryan appears to have himself a steady (and very attractive) girlfriend named Dalis Connell. Here’s a photo of the two during one of Ryan’s many trips to Panama City Beach, Florida:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards and his new girlfriend Dalis Connell
^ Ryan Edwards and his new girlfriend Dalis Connell

It appears that Ryan isn’t the first famous hottie Shanley Urbanski has attempted to befriend. She has a Twitter account with numerous flirtatious tweets at celebrities including:

@KennySantucci come back to nc so we can playyy

[Trey songz fan page] @SongzYuuup Let’s get married

@danecook i love you. lets get married?

It sounds to me like Ryan was just having a little fun with an overly exuberant fan and then a random willy photo got tossed in and a tabloid story ensued. If the story is for real then I’m sure it won’t be long before the “nude close-up” image surfaces online. Until then I’m going to remain a bit skeptical. Can I have a crotch grab?!?

So what does Maci have to say about all this alleged real and virtual philandering? We have no idea of course. But, we do know what her friend told OK!

“She thinks this just proves that he’s void of any intelligence or emotion. It’s embarrassing and he’s not setting a good example for his son. Maci is humiliated.” The pal goes on to suggest these reports have only distanced her further from Bentley’s dad. “Maci wants to be seen as strong, independent and classy,” says the pal. “Ryan always talks about getting with girls, but he’s all talk because he’s got nothing else going on in his life. She doesn’t want Ryan to drag her and her son down, too.”

So what do you think? Would Ryan really send a scrotograph to a girl he met on Facebook? Is this going to be just the first of hundreds of girls coming forward with nude pictures Ryan sent them as well? Or is this just some girl trying to cash in on her interactions with a pseudo-celebrity?

***My apologies to Ryan for that top photo – but when I saw the original I knew I had to use it 🙂 Oh, and no he’s not nude under there, he’s wearing a pair of red swimming trunks.

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