PHOTOS Tabloid covers for the week of December 20, 2010

Tabloid magazine covers for the week of December 20, 2010

Check out all of this week’s tabloid covers with stories that include Oprah’s secret lesbian love, Jennifer Aniston’s never-dying obsession with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s violent rage at daughter Shiloh! It’s like going through the grocery store checkout lane without leaving your home! Or office! (I’ve been forced to move on from my Teen Mom themed weekly tabloid posts due to waning interest in the off season.)

Star magazine cover Jennifer Aniston I Can't Stop Loving Brad

Star magazine December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Jennifer Aniston: “I can’t stop loving Brad” Jen pours her heart out to best friend Chelsea. After Jen admits she wants Brad back, BFF Chelsea Handler calls Angelina a “homewrecker” and rips her to shreds in a public rant.

Britney Spear’s cry for help – “The explosive tape”

Oprah and Stedman “Faking It” – She’s really with Gayle

Kate Middleton fights pesky Royals

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Jessica Simpson betrayed! In Touch Weekly cover for December 20, 2010

In Touch Weekly December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Jessica Simpson Betrayed! – She discovers Eric’s secret past:
• His fling with a cheerleader
• Studied books to snag a rich woman
• Ex warns: He’s a freeloader!
• PLUS: Tricked into no prenup – her $750 million empire at stake

Britney Spears’ secret wedding

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift house hunting!

Best and worst beach bodies

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Angelina Jolie's violent rage at daughter Shiloh National Enquirer cover

The National Enquirer December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Angelina Jolie’s violent rages at Shiloh! Her explosive temper EXPOSED! The screaming and slapping. Shiloh sobs – Shocking photos inside.

World exclusive – Aretha Franklin: 6 months to live! (Experts) Her pancreatic cancer battle. (Docs remove half her stomach)

Palins at war! Bristol tells jealous mom Sarah: “People like mem ore than you!”

Marie Osmond secret wedding – Meet her groom inside!

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People magazine cover Elizabeth Edwards memorial Her Brave Last Days

People magazine December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Elizabeth Edwards 1949 – 2010 – Her brave last days
Loved ones recall her courageous life, hard-fought battles and devotion to family.

Exclusive! Celine Dion: Meet my twins!

Brad and Angelina – Hot night out!

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Us Weekly cover story Inside Kate Middleton' new life

Us Weekly December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Inside Kate Middleton’s new life – she struggles to stay normal but is being torn from her family and losing her freedom. What she’s giving up to become a princess.

Kendra exclusive – First year as a mom.

Teen Mom Amber – Leah comes home!

Nicole Richie – Her dream wedding

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OK! magazine cover Kendra Loses Her Baby and Johnny Depp interview

OK! December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Tragic news – Kendra loses her baby! Hank helps take care of their son in Minnesota while a devastated Kendra is alone in L.A. How they’re getting through this painful time.

Johnny Depp reveals all – His sexiest interview

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – How he seduces her

First photos! Eva Longoria confronts Tony Parker at last

Michigan boys – Shocking new details

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Globe cover story Regis Quits and Cher calls off 3rd wedding

Globe December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Breaking news – Regis Philbin quits! Wife’s tearful ultimatum. Shocking secret he’s hiding. Revealed – Who is replacing him.

JFK killer’s coffin for sale! (Lee Harvey Oswald’s body not included)

Cher, 64, calls of wedding no. 3

Secret Leslie Nielsen took to grave

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Life and Style cover with Kate Middleton Princess In Crisis

Life & Style December 20, 2010 cover stories:

Kate Middleton world exclusive – Princess In Crisis. the old-fashioned queen is embarrassed by Kate and her partying family. Will the wedding be canceled? Plus – The 7 photos the royals don’t want you to see. Drunk in public!

Kourtney Kardashian – My first year as a mom

Jake Gyllenhaal: Too old for Taylor Swift

Exclusive – Nicole Richey’s wedding details