PHOTOS Stevie J confirms split with Joseline after calling her a hoe

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The Stevie J and Joseline split is real, and things are getting worse for the embattled couple. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars, who recently debuted their own VH1 spinoff, have been apart for two weeks–and Stevie J widened the rift between he and his wife after calling Joseline a hoe on social media, for all the world to see.

Of course, things have been rough for them for the past few weeks–ever since Joseline, while in what reports called a “drunken state,” bleached out $40,000 worth of Stevie J’s wardrobe and accused him of all manner of malfeasance. That was the beginning of the Stevie J and Joseline split, but Stevie didn’t do himself any favors over the weekend, when he acknowledged that he and Khloe Kardashian used to hook up on the regular, and that he still considers her a “sweetheart.”

Perhaps what happened next, then, was inevitable. Joseline shared the following image of herself and Rick Ross on Instagram…

  #Thebiggestboss #baddestputa   A photo posted by @therealbaddestputa on

…which Stevie J chose to respond to after someone pointed it out to him on Twitter. His response? “Gotta let a hoe be a hoe,” he said, in the since-deleted tweet.

Reports that Stevie J went on to refer to Joseline as a “hoebag supreme” could not be confirmed.

Since the Stevie J and Joseline split was already on, Jo returned to Instagram to fire back:


A photo posted by @therealbaddestputa on

It’s not clear exactly what Joseline meant by calling herself pansexual, since Rick Ross is not a woman (unless, as many fans have pointed out, she was hinting at some sort of homosexual activity on Stevie J’s part). However, Joseline quickly followed that post with another–this time, of a more active Ross:

A video posted by @therealbaddestputa on

At that point, it looked like the man who’d made things worse in the first place realized how bad the Stevie J and Joseline split was threatening to get. Stevie took to Twitter shortly after Joseline shared the above updates, and his tone was quite different:

Joseline has yet to respond to Stevie’s apology. In the meantime, though, the pair’s spin-off is still on the air. You can catch the latest episodes of Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood on Mondays at 9:00 PM EST on VH1. (Photo credits: Stevie J and Joseline split via Instagram)

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