A stab at transcribing Farrah Abraham’s debut song

Farrah Abraham dropped her debut single “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom” on Friday and already the song has made massive waves among the Teen Mom community.

The song, released exclusively through InTouch, makes extensive use of auto tuning, which has been pointed out by thousands of passionate commenters. In some parts this technical manipulation can make it difficult for even the most trained ear to decipher the lyrics to the song.

The soundcloud app used to post the song shows a listen count of over 50,000 as of this post. So it’s apparent that inquiring minds want to know!

Given that fact, for your knowledge, here is starcasm’s attempt* at transcribing the lyrics to Farrah Abraham’s “Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom.”

*Disclaimer – I have no idea if this is accurate. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s not, but darnit I gave it my best shot.

Lyrics for Farrah Abraham's "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom."

According to Farrah’s official website you can get your own copy of the full album which will be a soundtrack for her book My Teenage Dream Ended. The soundtrack will be free with ebook purchases and also available to buy on its own via other outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify on the same day of the book release, August 14th.

The songs on the soundtrack were put together by Farrah, “to show her emotions of her favorite 10 chapters in her book.” The Teen Mom star encourages fans of her music to, “request your favorite song on your local radio station”