PHOTOS Muscle leggings for those not happy with just being naked

Muscle leggings

Does your skin feel like just another layer of clothing? Is your dream man Slim Goodbody? Are you a big fan of Gray’s Anatomy (the book)? Then Black Milk has the leggings for you!

The innovative outside-the-box Australian clothing company who gave us the R2-D2 swimsuit is now offering up the anatomical attire for 75 AUD, which equals right around $81. Not too bad! You couldn’t buy that much real meat for that price!

Muscles leggings from Black Milk

From their website:

This is an idea that we have been thinking about for a while. A few people encouraged me to do it but I never quite got around to it. Then I got a spare afternoon one day and decided to have a good go at making it work. It worked…. perhaps a little too well! Definitely our most ‘meaty’ design…

Composition: Polyester/Elastane
Washing: Please hand wash cool.
Designer: James Lillis
Made in: Australia

Anatomical leggins Muscle Leggings

I have to confess that I kinda like ’em! But, I also have to confess that I kinda don’t like that I kinda like them. Makes me fearful I’ll be losing my poodle Precious down a well someday.

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