What did Joan Rivers look like before plastic surgery?

Joan Rivers before and after plastic surgery photo

It must be plastic surgery day at starcasm! 78-year-old comedy queen Joan Rivers is as well-known for her surgical procedures as she is for her trail-blazing, envelope-pushing comedy. And she still wants more.

She joked to Australia’s Telegraph “”Every weekend I just go in and I do something new. I get a 10th one free. It’s a little like coffee you just keep going,” but all joking aside, how many has she had?

Joan joked that she’s had 739 on her show, but, as she told Anderson Cooper, it wasn’t literally 739. It’s probably difficult to keep track of every nip, tuck, and injection.

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But it HAS been a lot. What has she had done? What hasn’t she would be a better question.

Here she is headed into a surgical procedure from the season premiere of her reality series Joan & Melissa in which she is completely without makeup. (The pre-surgery makeupless scene starts right around the 6:55 mark)

Here’s a startling still image from the episode:

Joan Rivers plastic surgery photo with no makeup

It isn’t exactly plastic surgery, but Joan hasn’t yet gotten a tattoo. She is considering it, though, “maybe for her 79th birthday.” She said her daughter Melissa joked she should tattoo her phone number with “If Lost, please call Betty White.”

Even though Joan’s obsessed with plastic surgery, she’s not afraid to document it on television as it really is. She was filmed getting a procedure done for her reality show with daughter Melissa. She told The Huff Post’s Rob Shuter:

“On the first episode of our reality show, I get some plastic surgery. I’ve seen a few people do it on camera but they all do it in full makeup. It’s so stupid. The Kardashian mom did it with eyelashes and lipstick.”

“We really show what it is like,” Joan tells me. “And then we showed afterwards which was awful. You are still high from the anesthesia. Well, I had a very difficult moment there after the surgery and I got medicinal drugs. In California you get medicinal marijuana. You go to a doctor and you say I’m blue and he says here. It’s amazing, I was in shock. And I got it and I smoked it and had a great time.”

Here’s Joan makin’ a gay joke back in 1966. You controversial girl, you!


It’s plastic surgery day at Starcasm. Click here to read this story about a a woman known as “The Human Barbie” who got plastic surgery gift certificates for her 7-year-old daughter ( to use in the future.)

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