Shocking video of unidentified girl throwing puppies into a river

Screen shot of a disturbing animal abuse video of a woman throwing live puppies into a river

In one of the most shocking and anger-inducing videos to go viral the following clip is of an as-yet-unidentified woman throwing 6 live puppies into a river.  Let me caution you that the video is highly disturbing and depicts animal cruelty of a particularly reckless and harmful nature.  Following the clip I’ll let you know about the search for the woman.

Once you catch your breath from that terrible scene the first reasonable question to ask would be if this was a well produced hoax.  Up until the last of the six puppies were thrown I was leaning towards this being a fake.  But during the last toss the puppy and the hand never entirely leave the shot and it does clearly look like the same puppy flipping through the air and eventually landing in the water.  My heart hopes it is fake but my eyes are telling me this one is real.  I hope I’m wrong.

A search has been put out to identify and bring to justice the young woman and the camera person responsible for this particularly callus abuse of animals.  The rage it has stirred up has brought about death threats from various message boards and discussion groups.  There is an official Facebook page that is looking to find the guilty parties.  You can visit that here.

This video was originally posted via YouTube but taken down.  There is much speculation about who the culprits are and I will update this post as soon as there is a firm confirmation on the identity of the people responsible for this disturbing and just flat out stupid act.