PHOTOS Missy and Jase Robertson’s son Reed graduates high school, gets tattoo

Duck Dynasty Missy Robertson and Jase Robertson's son Reed Robertson's high school graduation

Tonight is the Season 6 premiere of Duck Dynasty, and one of the major events fans have to look forward to seeing this year is Missy and Jase Robertson’s oldest son Reed Robertson graduating from high school! Reed graduated from Ouachita Christian High School on May 15 — the same day he turned 19. Proud mama Missy tweeted about the big day:

Missy then tweeted this next photo montage from Reed’s graduation and wrote, “Late nite celebrating w/ @reed6robertson, the OCS #Classof2014 & their parents. #TimeSlowDown #ProudMom #StillMyBaby”

Duck Dynasty Missy and Jase's son Reed Robertson high school graduation photos

Reed’s girlfriend Brighton Thompson posted a cap and gown photo of herself with Reed (below) on instagram and shared this loving message: “I am so happy I could spend this extremely special day with you, your 19th birthday, i love you and I’m so extremely proud of who you’ve become. oh yeah and happy graduation.”

Duck Dynasty Reed Robertson girlfriend_Brighton Thompson high school graduation

So what did Reed do to celebrate his graduation? He got a tattoo! (Actually, I’m not sure if the tattoo was related to his graduation or not, but given that he got the new ink less than a month later, the timing seemed about right.)

Reed shared this photo montage on instagram and captioned it simply, “Tatted uppppp:”

Duck Dynasty Reed Robertson's tattoos on his neck and arm

Reed got the tattoo at Cold Desert Tattoo Studio, who posted these photos of Reed on their Facebook page. (Their captions are included beneath each picture.)

Duck Dynasty Reed Robertson Cold Desert Tattoo Studio Kenneth
“Reed Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, is getting his second tattoo from Kenneth!”

Duck Dynasty Reed Robertson tattoo arrow arm means God is peace
“Reed’s tattoo means “God is Peace”. He loved it!”

Here’s a zoomed-in look at Reed’s arrow tattoo:

Duck Dynasty Missy and Jase Robertson's son Reed Robertson's arrow tattoo

Duck Dynasty's Reed Robertson as a tattoo artist
“Role reversal!!! Oh, no!!”

(I am guessing that the neck tattoo seen in the photo montage posted by Reed is the tattoo he previously had done by Kenneth at Cold Desert.)

A friend of Reed’s tweeted a photo of him actually under the needle:

Reed’s instagram photo angered some followers who didn’t think getting a tattoo was a very Christian thing to do. @rachel13l wrote, “Leviticus 19:28- Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you:I am the Lord.” @mine_craft_14 added, “You are a shame to your family and all Christians every were I think you should change your last name and live inca hole.”

Reed posted a lengthy, and quite eloquent, response to “the haters:”

@mine_craft_14 @rachel13l It’s also said in the OLD LAW to not cut your hair, pierce your ears, or mix any fabrics in the exact same context. That context being that God was warning the Jewish people about pagan practice at funerals where the pagans would mutilate/mark themselves to appease their false gods. First of all, he wasn’t even talking to the Gentiles, which unless you are Jewish is exactly what all of us out, and second of all, that was in the old Testament which is therefore the old law. Not to mention taken completely out of context by you. My tattoos are a way that I lead into showing other people the things that Christ did for you and I and signify things that I am very proud and passionate about.

Well put Reed! And I’m sure your tattoo-friendly Uncle Willie would agree 🙂

Congrats to Reed on his graduation! Be sure to tune into Season 6 of Duck Dynasty airing Wednesday nights at 10/9c on A&E!

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