My top 5 favorite inanimate objects from Duck Dynasty


You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing the stars of the mega-hit Duck Dynasty. In just 3 seasons, the first family of duck calls has stormed the ramparts and made reality TV their own personal hunting reserve. From Willie’s struggles to run the Duck Commander business, to Phil’s battles with beavers and just about anything and everything Uncle Si does, the Robertsons have become their own brand of family-first redneck royalty.

We’ve done our own share of Duck loving as we’ve posted all sorts of images of the boys without the beards, the ladies looking lovely (including Si’s wife Christine), and even the official patent docs for the duck call that made ’em all famous in the first place.

We got the fever too and in that spirit, I’ve compiled my list of unsung heroes from the show in the form of my top 5 favorite inanimate objects from Duck Dynasty.

In many ways, there’s is an underdog story and I bet Phil and the boys are just the type of folks who’d appreciate this kind of nod. Here for your enjoyment and judgment, Jack, are my picks counting down from 5 to 1. Following right after is a poll so you can cast your vote for your favorite as well.

The Duck Dynasty RV

5. The Duck Commander RV

There’s a lot of good times that have been had in this vehicle, and we only know about the parts they show us on TV! There’s lots to love, like the over-the-top images of the boys painted on the side, to the memories of Willie “roughing it” and bonding with Jep, to Martin becoming combustible and running everyone out after processing Si’s cooking.

In a way the RV holds some symbolic meaning too. I think “recreational vehicle” could be a much better way to describe Duck Dynasty than a reality TV show. You just hop on board with the boys and get lost for a trip in their world. As Jase said, “RV to us stands for redneck vacation.”

Phil's camo recliner

4. Phil Robertson’s Camouflage Recliner

Every patriarch and king of a dynasty needs a royal throne and Phil Robertson is no exception. Way back during Season 1 the girls sold Phil’s original seat, but made up for it in spades with the awesomest of replacements. This is the place from whence Phil dispenses many of his Phil-osophies and pitches some of his best woo at his pioneer woman.

We all know Phil would just as soon be outdoors but when he’s not, he’s taking in the scenes and joys of his family right from this perch. Any old how, you got to bring it to pull of this type of furniture. If I were to sit in that bad rascal the sissy police would come haul me away.


3. Jep Robertson’s Dodgeball Cutout

Perhaps the most enjoyable underlying theme on Duck Dynasty for me is the rivalry and one-upmanship among the brothers. Having two older brothers myself, I can totally relate to Jep. Everything about Miss Kay’s favorite boy looking fierce while wielding a dodgeball to mock Willie is just pure.

It’s a set-up, it keeps Willie grounded, it enforces Si’s support of Jep wanting to participate in his dodgeball tournament. It, of course, results in all the guys cracking jokes at Willie. I’ll admit Willie’s toothy “Rambo looking like he made love to a beaver” pose doesn’t help, but it’s this image of Jep, that Willie ends up punching to the ground, that says in every way “I got you brother!”

Willie Robertson's bobble head doll

2. Willie Robertson’s Bobble Head Doll

My number 2 selection actually allows me to kill 2 filet mignon of the skies with one stone, because there’s no way I couldn’t have included Willie’s signature American Flag bandana.

This little figurine is the essence of Willie the CEO. It’s a righteous marketing effort, it actually is a real thing you can buy and it’s something you can imagine Willie calmly toggling while he sits at his desk taking orders for more and more duck calls. It doesn’t hurt that he used this very item to at least try to keep Jase busy when he told him there was a very important package he had to sign for.

Willie’s usually on the bad side of all this tom-foolery but he gets the best of his brother with the help of this diminutive and wobbly representation of Duck Commander’s boss man. The boots ain’t quite right, but as a fan of the show I sure would love to have one!

Uncle Si's tea cup

1. Uncle Si’s Tea Cup

The top hunting dog in this here round-up was never in doubt. Silas Robertson’s tea cup is its own legend and probably the thing cast members get asked most about. They all tell you the same; they never see him without it and Uncle Si takes his tea unsweet.

Jase explained the back story behind the cup via Facebook after he kept getting asked about it:

“Si found his tea cup, but he actually has a set that my Grandma sent him in Vietnam, I think it’s 5 — they are different colors and treated with equal importance to Si.”


Well there you have it. Now it’s time to cast your vote but before you do I know there’s an obvious hairy-elephant in the room I haven’t addressed… The beards! To me, the beards are very much alive and have soul, so I kept ’em off my list – if you think they belong then I’d have to admit they would at least be tied with Uncle Si’s tea cup for #1.

Here’s the poll and if you have another suggestion we encourage you to list that in the comments section below.

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