Alan Robertson says Duck Dynasty stars signed through 2015


While ratings for A&E’s juggernaut Duck Dynasty waned following the controversy surrounding patriarch Phil Robertson’s candid comments in regards to his views on homosexuality, the bearded brethren will be soldiering on with the network – at least through 2015.

Alan Robertson, the brother famous for not having a beard sometimes, told The Shreveport Times:

“We know we’re locked in for at least another full year — through 2015. Beyond that, we really don’t know. We have recommitted this year — both our family and the network production crew — to putting out some really good stories from our family that we can all enjoy. I think this next year’s going to be really, really good.”

Although viewership has dropped – those numbers are in comparison to the stratospheric and unprecedented numbers the show enjoyed. When Alan remarried his parents Phil and Miss Kay a mind-blowing 12 million folks tuned in. This made the episode “Til Duck Do Us Part” the most-watched nonfiction show in the history of cable television.

Season 6 shows averaged 4.3 million viewers which resulted in DD still being the most viewed reality show on cable.

Robertson also provided some clues as to what fans can expect after the crew headed overseas to film:

“One of the best additions is they’re starting to put me on the air more. For awhile I joked that they only brought me on when they wanted the big ratings. To this day the highest rated show is the wedding, so I want to thank all of America for making my debut so meaningful. We were filming the premier for the next season. We have a big event show coming up. I got tickled cause it was just like when Phil was in Hawaii last year. He gets trapped. He says ‘it’s like Yuppieville on steroids.’ That’s his deal.”

The Times also got a hold of Godwin for a quote,  “We’ve got some good things going on in it that we’re pretty excited about. We’ll be traveling abroad and there’s some good stuff.”