PHOTOS Meet the players in the Amber Portwood vandalism scandal

The players in the Amber Portwood vandalism scandal Midas Fields, Jamie Monroe

Oh what a tangled web Amber Portwood weaves in the small town of Anderson, Indiana.  The latest coming from the headline making Teen Mom involves vandalism, an angry neighbor who claims that Amber has stolen her baby-daddy and some serious jack talk via Facebook.

The neighbor in question is mother-of-two Jamie Monroe.  Her live-in baby-daddy is a young man by the name of Midas Fields and the couple have got themselves all mixed up in the wild ride that is the current life of Amber Portwood.

Amber Portwood’s home and car were vandalized over Easter weekend and Radar landed some exclusive photos which you can see here.  The vandalism came after a confrontation between Portwood and Monroe earlier that day.  Amber’s mother Tonya told Radar that:

“Jamie, who lives across the street from Amber, noticed that my daughter was with Midas and came out of her house and confronted them.”

Amber called the cops at around 3 AM when she returned from a dinner date with her aunt and Midas Fields.  As for Jamie’s feelings about Amber first I’ll give you the quote she provided Star Magazine:

“Everyone around Anderson knows any guy is fair game for Amber is she gets her hooks in him, even if he’s already taken,” Jamie, 28,  told Star in the issue that is on sale now. She also told Star that after she threw Midas out, he stayed with Amber, and Amber taunted Jamie by yelling, “I’m ridin’ your baby daddy!”

I’m ridin’ your baby-daddy!  Woah that’s cold hearted, if it happened of course.  This verbal throw-down wasn’t all that took place either.  According to Miss Monroe during one confrontation Amber decided that she would drop trou and moon her neighbor while Midas hustled the booty revealed reality star into her home.  Note to self, move to Anderson, Indiana!

Midas Fields:
Rumored lover of Amber Portwood Midas Fields

There isn’t much coming from Midas’ Facebook page.  According to his info line he, “like to work spend time with my kids and have fun and enjoy life.”  Fields is a maintenance worker who has been living with Monroe for about three years.  They have a one-year-old daughter together, Jaicee.

Jamie Monroe:
Jamie Monroe believes that Teen Mom Amber Portwood has been sleeping with her baby-daddy Midas Fields

As for our girl Jamie, she’s had quite a bit to say via Facebook about her baby-daddy and that famous neighbor of hers.  Here are some of the highlights:

Jamie Monroe talks trash about Amber Portwood via Facebook

Managed to get devil, hate and accusations of screwing every man that shows interest.  That’s a good start!  More please:

Jamie Monroe talks jack about Amber Portwood

Whewwwww.  This is some next level Amber Portwood neighbor h8rs gonna h8 postin’ right there folks.  So what else does Jamie Monroe have to say about Miss Portwood I wonder?

Jamie Monroe talks jack about her baby-daddy sleeping with Amber Portwood

WOW!  She just turned this whole thing around on baby-daddy Midas.  I guess if you can’t win the man with the “Midas touch” you might as well have Amber lay a hay-maker on the dude.  What?  You want some more Portwood bashing courtesy of her neighbor?  You got it.

Portwood mooning accusation

In the end it looks like Monroe just needs a break and for everyone to remember that she’s the victim in this alleged Portwood baby-daddy snatching situation:

Amber Portwood's neighbor Jamie Monroe

There’s no word yet on any charges having been filed due to the vandalism inflicted upon Amber’s house and ride.  Nor is there any direct indication that Monroe was the guilty party.  Time will tell I suppose in the latest chapter of tales from Amber Portwood and the town of Anderson, Indiana.

All Photos: Facebook except for Amber Portwood -> Splashnews

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