PHOTOS Jersey Shore cast puts the T in GTL in the ITL (Go to a tanning salon in Italy)

Snooki heads to a tanning salon in Florence Italy

The surreal confluence of Jersey Shore meets Italy continues as the cast gets acclimated to their new Tuscan digs – or perhaps it would be more accurate to say “as their new Tuscan digs get acclimated to them.”

One thing America’s favorite Guidos and Guidettes will not allow is for a trip to Florence, Italy to interfere with their acronympho mantra, GTL! The boys and gals were photographed earlier on their way to a tanning salon – and from the looks of them and their attire it seems the G and the L are safe as well! (For those of you in Florence or other remote regions of the world not yet familiar with the Guidocabulary, GTL stands for Gym, Tan, Laundry.)

The Situation from Jersey Shore heads to the tanning salon in a gray sweatshirt

Snooki (top) was fun in her Forever 21 “LIVE FOR DANCING” t-shirt and massive black headband, and The Situation (above) had his patented nightclub kingpin style translated perfectly into fleece. But once again it was JWoww who stole the show, and probably the hearts of half the men of Florence, in her low-riding pink sweat pants and as-skimpy-as-physics-will-allow workout top:

JWoww heads to the tanning salon in Italy wearing pink sweat pants

I’m a fan of all sorts of body types, and I’m not usually one to go for artificially large breasts, but while looking at this photo there is a very fundamental part of my masculine genetics that is screaming profane words of astonishment and admiration. We’re talking about the same masculine collective unconscious that created pretty much every female comic book super hero. (Oh man – I would so read JWoww the comic book!) She is a living, breathing archetypal fantasy. Or, in other words, she looks sexy as hell dontcha think?!?

OK, we’ll bring you down from that JWoww high slowly. Here’s a picture of the always suave DJ Pauly D styling in a “Flash the DJ” t-shirt:

DJ Pauly D wearing a Flash the DJ tee shirt in Florence Italy

And how about the cast’s actual connection to Italy in the form of Jersey Shore nice guy Vinny Guadagnino, who was wearing a boom box screen printed tee with the graffiti tag “Dirty Beats” on the front:

Vinny Guadagnino wearing a dirty beats shirt in Florence Italy

And after the gym the Jersey folks got gussied up for an elegant night on the town, or at least that’s what it appears like judging from this photo of Snooki that just came across the wire:

Snooki in a nice dress and over-sized floppy hat in Florence, Italy

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