Bill Murray drops in on “Bill Murray Ice Cream Social,” because of course he does

Murray 2


Bill Murray, probably best-known for being an unpredictable and charming guy, recently stopped by an ice cream social being thrown in his honor.

Joe, owner of CVT Soft Serve in Los Angeles, found out that Murray was shooting a film nearby. What’s an ice cream truck owner and Bill Murray fan to do when he wants to meet his idol? Why, invite the cast and crew for free ice cream, of course.

And what’s a person to do when presented with an offer of free ice cream? As Winston Zeddmore well knows, you say yes!



“‘You’ll never dance with the pretty girl unless you ask,'” said Joe, quoting his father when asked how he got Murray to show up.

Of course, being a savvy businessman, Joe posted the photos of the event to his Instagram account. “I met my idol tonight,” he captioned one of them.

The outing is only the latest in a string of unexpected appearances for Murray. A couple months ago, he doled out advice at a bachelor party taking place in the same restaurant where he was eating dinner; a few weeks after that, he asked to appear in a different couple’s engagement photos.

So, readers planning on attending the “Murray Affair” Art Show in San Francisco in a couple of weeks: don’t be surprised if you come across the man himself. And you probably won’t have to keep your eyes peeled to find him. The man tends to make his presence known.

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