PHOTOS MBFAGW model Kristen ‘Trouble’ Stamper crashes motorcycle

MBFAGW Trouble Kristen from Nashville modeling photoshoot in NYC

Fans of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding will certainly recall Kristen “Trouble” Stamper, the long and tall 20-year-old aspiring model from Nashville featured in the Season 3 finale episode “The Masquerade Ball.” In the episode Kristen travels to New York City with her mom and goes door-to-door at New York modeling agencies looking for a contract, and manages to land an urban photoshoot.

Kristen did eventually wind up signing a contract with AMAX Talent out of Nashville, Tennessee. (And she even got a two-page spread in the New York Post print edition just prior to her episode airing.) Kristen still resides in the Volunteer state where she waits tables at the Cool Springs Twin Peaks, which is essentially Hooters with a bit more of a Southern flair.

The now-21-year-old Kristen took some of her hard-earned Twin Peaks money and bought herself a Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle, which she proudly showed off on Instagram:

MBFAGW Kristen Trouble motorcycle

“Just brought home a new toy,” Kristen boasted at the time.

Fast forward a few weeks and Kristen had her first major accident on the bike. She posted the photos below of her rather gruesome injuries on Facebook earlier today and wrote, “My first wreck on my motorcycle :/ nothings broken, but I’m pretty beat up with a sprained ankle.” She added, “I rode my bike home afterwards, so I’m hoping it’s not too badly damaged.”

MBFAGW Trouble Kristen Stamper motorcycle accident

Yowch! For comparison, here is a “before” photo of Kristen (on the left) from last night’s Miss Twin Peaks Cool Springs 2015 contest:

MBFAGW Kristen Trouble Miss Twin Peaks Cool Springs 2015

I’m guessing the injuries will put a slight damper on her modeling career until she heals up, but they might actually earn her a few extra dollars in sympathy tips at Twin Peaks! And speaking of Kristen’s modeling career, here she is modeling a bikini for Got Mermaid from July of last year:

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Nashville model Trouble Kristen bikini

We’re wishing Kristen a speedy recovery! And if anyone is popping into the Cool Springs Twin Peaks this week, be sure to say hello and throw a few extra dollars in Kristen’s tip jar!

And just in case you needed a memory refresher, here’s a clip of Trouble from her episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding:

Motorcycle injury photos: Facebook/Gypsy Scandal
Bikini Modeling photo: Allen Manus

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