PHOTOS Loyda from Catfish Season 2 is now married

Loyda from Catfish season 2 married

The 3rd episode of the 2nd season of Catfish featured a strange brew, as a not fully honest Ramon Ponce looked to find out if the girl he’d been seeing online was the real deal. It turned out she wasn’t but that the catfish, Loyda, had revealed a little more than Ramon had led on to Nev and Max.

In the end, the two decided to be friends in a cringe worthy scene of couch awkwardness but we can now reveal a romantic happy ending for the kinda catfish in this episode, Loyda Beltran. It turns out that Loyda had a boyfriend before Ramon from an online dating site. She rekindled this relationship after she completed taping her Catfish episode and now she is married to John Albear (I’m guessing she didn’t mail herself a ring this time around).

Loyda told Remote Control:

“He’s just my other half — everything with him is perfect! We just felt it was the right thing to do. My mom adores my husband. They get along very well, and we are actually living with my mom until we can save up some more money and get our own house. On my wedding day she was super nervous — probably more nervous than I was.”

Loyda Catfish S2 E3 wedding

So how did Ramon feel about the news, being that Loyda got married in July after only a 6-week engagement? And how did John, who goes by Alex, feel about his lady’s catfishing past? According to Loyda her now husband at first wanted her to cut off all communications with Ramon, but eventually he came around and was okay with their friendship. She added that Ramon was, “…probably the third person I told, and he did say congrats.”

Loyda even posted on Ramon’s Facebook wall that she enjoyed hanging out with him when they rendezvoused for the Mid-Season Reunion episode writing, “It was fun hanging with you punk.”

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