Are Catfish’s Jesse and Brian still together?


Tuesday night’s Catfish told the story of Jesse and Brian, who had been chatting for three years online. They almost met up once, but Brian flaked, and Jesse didn’t know why. Thankfully Nev and Max came to the rescue by uncovering the disturbing reason why Brian didn’t show that day.

He was who he said he was, a rarity on the show, but the reason he couldn’t make it to see Jesse was because he had been arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction.

It turns out the weapon was a sawed off shot-gun, which is considered a WMD in some states, but is not exactly a good thing to take on a first date in any state. Brian’s explanation? He had just come from the rifle range, and while he was at a gas station he had a flashback to his tour in Afghanistan because of his PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) He couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was imagined, and he must have been acting strange, because the people at the gas station called the cops. When the police came they asked if he had any weapons and he told them that he had a broken-down sawed off shotgun in the back seat.

He says after that episode he was diagnosed with PTSD, he’s been receiving treatment, and is now a “productive member of society.”


Brian and Jesse had been talking about moving in together before they even met in person, and after Brian laid everything on the table about his PTSD, they seemed to be ready to give the relationship a shot in real life.

Here’s a bonus scene of Brian showing Jesse his home and his life, trying to convince her to relocate and live with him. Jesse seems impressed and they share a romantic kiss after Jesse lets him know she would feel “very comfortable” at Brian’s Alabama home.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out after Jesse came to visit a second time. In a video chat update, Brian says that while his relationship with Jesse was great online and over the phone, when Jesse visited him the second time, she was a “totally different person.”

Jesse also felt that Brian was a different person, saying that he had “put on a front for the past three years, especially during the show.” She says he told her a “lot of hurtful things,” and Brian says Jesse had a lot of issues because of “choices she made in her lifestyle.”

Jesse blames Brian’s PTSD for his behavior, and for the relationship not working out, but Brian says his PTSD has nothing to do with it. He says he loves Jesse and wants her to overcome her issues, but Jesse has no love for Brian.

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