VIDEO Bow Wow responds to Catfish episode featuring him

Bow Wow Catfish Response

SPOILER In case you haven’t seen Tuesday night’s Catfish and plan on catching up later, skip this story… But, if you already watched the episode (or were like Nev Schulman and Max Joseph and realized we were dealing with a catfish after hearing the premise), then read on.

The most recent episode of Catfish was one of the strangest yet. At the center of it all was Keyonnah, a young mother from North Carolina. Against all odds, she believed she was in a serious relationship with Bow Wow — who happens to be a famous rapper and television host. As it turned how, Keyonnah was chatting with an Atlanta-based “musician” named Dee Pimpen. (Nev and Max spelled her name “Dee Pimpin” on the show, but judging from Dee’s old Twitter account under @Dee_Pimpen515, she actually spells her last name — probably by mistake — with an “e” before the “n” at the end.)

Dee also happens to be a female who convinced her male cousin to talk with Keyonnah on the phone. As the duped Keyonnah summarized, “You’re the Bow and she’s the Wow.”

It sure was complicated, but it made for good television — and the real Bow Wow wants to keep that rolling by inviting Keyonnah and Dee Pimpen to his show, 106 & Park.

“Somebody is actually impersonating me! Now, first of all, that’s a hard thing to do. Hard thing to do. Just look at me. You can’t impersonate this,” Bow Wow said in the video, which was posted immediately after Catfish aired. “So, how do I feel about being catfished? Well, I feel honored. It’s dope and it’s flattering when somebody wants to be you. And, not only do they want to be you, in their mind they are you. That’s crazy!”

The entertained added the exposure was also good for his show and his career, although he was slightly upset that MTV didn’t give him more credit.

Bow Wow addresses Catfish episode with Keyonnah and Dee Pimpen

“Quite frankly, I would actually like to meet them both. So, here’s a message out to the girl who got catfished and to the person who was pretending to be me. I am opening the door here at my house and I’m inviting you to come to 106 & Park so I can sit down and ask you two some questions… We can do it on my time, though. We can do it on my network, though. And on our show.”

While wrapping up his message, Bow Wow had one final message for fans: “Everyone out there, Internet, cyber dating, just be sure you know who you’re talking to. That’s the best thing I can say.”

Stay tuned! Hopefully we’ll have a Catfish reunion with Keyonnah, Dee Pimpen and Bow Wow in the near future!

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