PHOTOS BIO of Lindzi Cox from The Bachelor 2012 with Ben Flajnik

Lindsey Cox from The Bachelor 16 with Ben Flajnik

Meet Lindzi Cox, one of twenty-five eligible bachelorettes competing for the heart of hunky wine maker Ben Flajnik on Season 16 of The Bachelor set to premiere January 2, 2012 on ABC. Lindzi knows how to make a grand entrance as the 27-year-old equestrian surprises Ben Flajnik by not showing up in a limousine, but riding a horse! (I only pray Ben has the sense of humor to later make some sort of “…and the horse you rode in on” joke!

Lindzi Cox has Bachelorologists a bit befuddled not only because she appears to have lived in numerous different locations, including Washington state and Florida, but she also uses two different spellings for her name. For instance, while a member of the Fresno State Women’s Equestrian Team in 2003-2004, Lindzi was known as Lindsey Cox:

The Bachelor contestant Lindzi Cox Fresno State equestrian profile as Lindsey Cox

(Love that photo btw! I only wish it were bigger!)

Lindzi has a rather extensive history of kicking a$$ at equestrian events from the time she was a young kid, but there really isn’t much more info about her. One interesting fact I did manage to dig up thanks to a 1991 article in The Seattle Times (ain’t the internet amazing?) is that on Lindzi’s first day of school while in the first grade her mother put her on the wrong school bus!

It was only after the bus pulled out that [Lindzi’s mom Margy] Cox suddenly realized the awful truth: “We put the children on the wrong bus. It said `Renton.’ ” Although Cox and [neighbor] McDonald have Renton addresses, they live in the Issaquah School District.

It should be interesting to see if that story comes up this season!

Some other facts about Lindzi Cox include: she was born on October 29, 1984, served as the Associated Student Body director of school spirit at Fresno State University where she majored in public relations, was the 2001 United States Equestrian Association Young Rider National Champion and 2001 Area VII Young Rider of the Year in high school.

Pro: I’m willing to admit it was pretty sexy seeing Lindzi ride in on that horse! I swear I would have been tempted to hop right back up there with her, ride off into the sunset, and call it a season!

Con: Sometimes horse lovin’ gals don’t have much patience for guys. (We kinda suck by comparison)

Heterosexual dude notes: Lindzi is super fine and [insert riding sweaty beast innuendo here]! I think I might have another entry into my first impressions Top Five list!

Lindzi Cox, who rides in on a horse in The Bachelor Season 16 premiere with Ben Flajnik

Lindzi Cox

Age: 27

Occupation: Business Development Manager

Education: Graduated Fresno St. University with a degree in public relations

Hometown: Renton, Washington

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring and why?
Sombrero – I’m allergic to the sun so it would be good for shade. Pool Float Toys – I love to float in the ocean. My iPhone for its camera app – I love photography

Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?
Adventurous. I used to be fearless but the older I get, I realize that I sort of love this life thing and I’m getting a little more conservative!

If you wanted to really impress a man what would you do and why?
Show him I can change a tire, how many girls can do that?

Tattoo Count: 0

What’s your worst date memory?
Getting stood up! If you don’t really want to go on a date with me, don’t make plans to!

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Ben Flajnik helps Lindzi Cox off her high horse in The Bachelor 16 premiere

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