PHOTOS Kris Jenner’s new look: wig, shades and bandana!

Kris Jenner with long hair wig and bandana in Greece

If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians then you know the family is currently vacationing in Greece where’ve they’ve spent a great deal of time modeling bikinis, hanging out on a yacht, and jet skiing. Wednesday was no different in that regard, but the long-haired bikini-clad brunette having a blast on a jet ski this time around wasn’t one of the sisters, it was momager Kris Jenner! Yes, I said “long-haired.” Kris had a little fun with a brand new look that included a wig, sunglasses, and a bandana — which may have been more of a practical decision than an aesthetic one given the likelihood of a wig blow off while pounding the waves!

The 57-year-old Jenner wore a light emerald green bikini with a matching over-sized shirt that gave the folks in Mykonos (and now you) a little glimpse of her beta omicron omicron betas, if you know what I mean:

Kris Jenner in a bikini and a wig in Greece

And check out this photo of Kris all life jacketed up and ready go in which you can see a striking resemblance between her and daughter Kourtney, who is often seen sporting the bandana/shades look:

Kris Jenner in a bikini on a jet ski wearing a wig in Greece

E! film crews have been on hand throughout the Kardashian vacation so Im sure we will be given a little context for Kris’ look on Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8, which premieres June 2, 2013.