Farrah Abraham was faking her cry face, and other revelations from Teen Mom Confidential


Sex tape star Farrah Abraham was often seen in her 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom footage being disrespectful towards her parents, and the police report from her recent DUI arrest suggests she has a problem with authority. But how does she act around everyone else? Alethea Montante, Farrah’s neighbor in Florida who often babysat Sophia like it was her full-time job, spilled all her secrets in the new book Teen Mom Confidential. Here are some highlights:

– Farrah was faking many of her cry scenes. “Tissue in hand, [Farrah] recounted the heartbreaking story of how her only true love died two years earlier in a horrific car wreck. Then . . “Ok, we’re good!” a voice boomed from the background. “Awesome,” Farrah responded, flashing a smile. “Let’s go shopping!”

– Alethea watched Sophia so much, she became like a second child to her. “Farrah would drop her off in the morning and not pick her up until nighttime – or sometimes the next day.” To make matters worse, Sophia more often than not was in desperate need of a bath, according to Alethea!

– Farrah treated the Teen Mom production crew like sub-humans. Alethea says “She didn’t like me talking to the crew. She called them ‘workers.’ She told me, ‘They work for me, I don’t work for them!'”

– Sometimes she would even make the crew members cry.

– Farrah once told Alethea “You need to stay fit because I don’t like fat friends!”

– She liked to get revenge. Another neighbor, John Hidalgo, said Farrah got revenge on a man she briefly dated by putting a mayonaise-filled condom on his doorknob!

Farrah’s ex Daniel Alvarez also gave an interview for the book, explaining that he hadn’t seen Teen Mom and thought Farrah was fun and nice at first. In the book Daniel gives more details about how Farrah treated her production crews, and how she acted during their trip Austin, TX that made him see her true colors. He also confirmed that she would treat Sophia like a prop, and not focus her attention on her when the cameras weren’t rolling. “Off camera she would dump her off to this lady that lived in her building with no heads up or anything,” he says.

“I went into this relationship not knowing anything about Farrah or her show. I met a person that I was attracted to both physically and emotionally, and was trying to give her a chance, just like I would anyone else,” Daniel explains. But durring their trip to Austin to meet his family and friends “I saw what most people have been seeing on TV for years – an unappreciative and self-centered individual.”

At one point Daniel had to walk out of a store while Farrah was yelling at a cashier who was struggling with English, telling her she should be mopping the floor instead of running the cash register.

As a response to the reports in this book, Farrah made this statement:

“You shouldn’t talk to losers. They are all horrible people. That is why they are not in my life. They make shit up . . . They don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I discredit anything that they say because they are such mental cases.”

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