PHOTOS Jersey Shore’s Vinny and Snooki busk for change in Florence

Vinny Guadagnino and Snooki busk in Florence

I suppose I just need to start a “Jersey Shore in Florence Photo of the Day” column because the hilarious pictures just keep coming in!

The latest Jersey Shorence gem features the odd duo of Snooki and Vinny Guadagnino getting their busk on while chillaxing on the sidewalk in front of the pizzeria where they work. Vinny plays a ukulele (“very well” according to the photographer’s description) while Snooki silently holds out her large white ball cap hoping for donations. (That’s right, you just read the name Snooki and the word silently used together in a sentence!)

Jersey Shore's Vinny and Snooki busk for change on the streets of Florence Italy

(I’m not sure who that other guy is. Vinny reportedly had a friend from back home fly in recently so maybe that’s him? Any Jersey Shorologists out there wanna help a blogger out?)

In past seasons Vinny came off as a little desperate (that episode in which he begged that girl not to cancel their date even though she didn’t like him was just plain brutal) but it seems the “nice guy” of the crew may be in his element in Italy! In addition to his Hangover 3 night (captured in photos HERE) the star has seemed completely at ease with a relaxed, confident air about him. If he plays his cards right (which he seems to be doing!) he may emerge as the breakout heartthrob of the show! I mean, what woman could resists this guy?

Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino sings and plays a ukele in Florence
(I know this photo is going to be popular so I uploaded a larger version – just click on the picture to see it!)

Not only does Vinny have the Guido party dude thing going for him, but now he’s workin’ the emotional tortured artist angle as well! Something tells me Team Vinny is gonna take home the Season 4 crown!

Here are a couple more photos of Vinny and Cher panhandling:

Vinny and Snooki film Jersey Shore Season 4 in Florence Italy

Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino serenades passerbys in Florence Italy

(Anyone else think Vinny looks a little like Adam Sandler doing Opera Man here? I’m just saying!)

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