JWoww is pregnant again! Oh, and she got married to Roger Mathews too

Roger JWoww wedding JWoww is pregnant again!

Leave it to former Jersey Shore star JWoww to upstage her own wedding! The 29-year-old reality star married her fiance Roger Mathews at a ceremony in New Jersey on Sunday, and the couple surprised family and friends in attendance by announcing JWoww is pregnant with baby number two!

UPDATE – JWoww has since confirmed the news with an Instagram photo! Here is the reveal, which featured a huge banner of Meilani with the words, “I’m going to be a big sister May 2016!”


JWoww shared the photo on her website as well and added:

IT’S TRUE, WE ARE EXPECTING BABY NUMBER TWO!! (Hey, that rhymes, lol.) So tired from all the wedding fun but wanted to share with you guys the news so you get it from me first.

I will update you more ASAP. All I know THIS was the hardest secret to ever keep!! We are so excited to share it with you guys, though. And keeping it a secret was worth it for the response last night from all of our family and friends. The best!!!

So YES, Meilani is going to be a big sister and we are due in May 2016!

HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE LAST NIGHT!! (Well, tied with the day Meilani was born) Married to the man of my dreams and the best daddy to my babies!! Can’t wait for you all to see the wedding pictures!

OK, back to our regularly scheduled post already in progress…

“A source close to the couple confirms to ET that they announced their pregnancy to friends and family at their wedding,” reports Entertainment Tonight.

So far all has been completely silent from JMomm and JDadd. Speaking of silent on social media, the newlyweds have seemingly managed to do the impossible as their clampdown on wedding photos doesn’t appear to have sprung ANY leaks whatsoever. 🙁

Stay tuned – we will keep you updated if there is confirmation on JWoww’s second pregnancy. We will also be keeping an eye out for a photo of her in her wedding dress(es)!

Congratulations x2 to JWoww and Roger!!

(The photo at the top of this pot is a Photoshopped picture from the rehearsal.)

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