From Jersey Shore to Miami Beach: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi swimsuit pics

The Jersey Shore kids are still heating up Miami Beach while they film the second season of their explosive MTV hit, and we’ve got some pics of Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) enjoying the sun in something that very closely resembles a bikini!

Sure, it’s a one-piece but it’s a cut-out, and it looks like Snooks may have been hittin’ the gym lately. What do you think? Is Snooki lookin’ more trim in the middle lately? She’s only 4’9″ so a pound lost or gained goes a long way on this reality diva munchkin.

Snickers and Friends have been livin’ it up in Miami before reportedly heading back to the Jersey Shore. They’ve received a mixed bag of attention during their Florida adventure, with some clubs banning them, while others tried to lure them in. Paparazzi have been everywhere trying to get an inside scoop on this season’s drama (like the staged Snooki drink fight), so producers are trying to keep the meaty stuff in hotel rooms and such.