Jersey Shore’s Taltos twins sign “Twinning” reality show deal

Jersey Shore Twins Brittany Taltos and Erica Taltos sign a reality show deal for Twinning

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may not have actually had sex with either of his Florentine twindiscretions Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos, but it appears as though the infamous menage a trois might have produced an offspring… in the form of another reality show!

That’s right, University of Florida party gals (with a 3.5 GPA) (And no, that doesn’t stand for Gym, Pummeling, Arrest) have reportedly signed a contract with a production company and are currently shopping the show, titled “Twinning,” to networks. From their official Facebook page on August 10:

Signed a contract with a production company, now shopping networks 😀 so crazyyyy. REALTIY SHOW CALLED “TWINNING”… coined by us, stolen by the sitch..

The contract was the product of hard work and filming that actually began back in June, just after the twins got back from Florence, Italy and realized the exposure they were going to receive from being on Jersey Shore could be a springboard to something more. Here’s an entry titled “New Ideas” from the Taltos twins’ blog on June 18:

Hello Friends!

My sister and I will be capturing the next 30 days of our lives on camera: Real and unfiltered. We can only imagine what will go down on camera and our predictions include, but are not limited to the following: tempestuous twin fights, impulsive and premeditated challenges, candid emotional portrayal and crazy college shenanigans.

We are identical twins and best friends who are determined to capture the moments that make our lives reality show worthy. We have collectively had our highs and lows, but in the end, we know that whatever regretful or noteworthy actions we partake in, we will be the last to judge one another.

We are submitting the tapes in a few weeks to a producer in LA in hopes of getting our own reality show of some sorts 🙂

We have some adventures planned, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!! 🙂

But, despite what our favorite MTV Guidos and Guidettes say to the contrary, “twinning” isn’t about drunken three-ways according to the Taltos. From an interview with on September 8:

“No, twinning is not what the ‘Jersey Shore’ depicted it as,” Brittany said. “Twinning is dressing the same, being on the same page, doing the same things together – nothing perverted. It’s just being.”

The Situation's twin pals Brittany Taltos and Erica Taltos childhood photo Twinning
^ Brittany and Erica Taltos childhood photo (Facebook)

So do the twins regret participating in the show?

“It was the best time of my entire life; I don’t regret it one bit,” Brittany said.

“The thing is, we have an above 3.5 GPA, and we went on study abroad to have fun and put it on our resume,” Brittany explains. “Partying was just an aside. It’s what everyone did; we just happened to get on television for it.”

So are they afraid of what their legacy will be after the airing of the episodes?

“Now we’re making something of it,” Erica said. “We’re not going to end as the ‘whores’ who starred on ‘Jersey Shore.'”

Jersey Shore's twinning twins Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos photo
^ Brittany and Erica pose together in 2008 (

And in response to the “haters”?

“They’re too worried about what other people are doing,” Erica said. “It was our Spring Break in Italy. We made it to class every day. We made A’s in our classes. We didn’t do anything illegal, and we shouldn’t be chastised for it.”

“Your comments go over my head,” Brittany said. “You clearly have a bad mindset, and you’re never going to get through life.”

So would you watch a Twinning reality show starring Brittany and Erica Taltos?

Need help deciding? Then get your clubbing gear on and head down to Antigua Nightclub in Orlando on September 17, 2011 and meet the twins in person! Brittany and Erica Taltos will be hosting the club’s “September Birthday Bash” – brought to you by Knightbloc Entertainment. (If you were born in September, you get in free!) Here’s your chance to see if you measure up to The Situation!

JErsey Shore twins Brittany and Erica Taltos host September Birthday Bash at Antigua nightclub

Top photo: Mario & Luigi /

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