Are Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Danica Thrall dating?

Mike "The Situation" and Danica Thrall in 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino struck up a romance with Shore local Paula Pickard while filming the sixth season of Jersey Shore this summer. They quickly made their relationship official, but unfortunately, the romance didn’t last very long and Mike is already moving on.

Ever since joining the cast of Celebrity Big Brother, which films in the UK, Mike has expressed interest in his roommate, Danica Thrall. Danica is a British glamour model who has appeared in several men’s magazines including Maxim, Nuts, Loaded and FHM.

Mike "The Situation" and Danica Thrall in 'Celebrity Big Brother'

During a recent episode of the show, Mike and Danica were seen in bed together where Mike revealed that after he leaves the house, he’ll be heading to Los Angeles where he’ll attend the MTV VMA Awards on September 6. Danica’s reaction to the news? “Oh can I come with you?” Mike replied, “If you want to. You can come as a friend.”

Danica insists that she is happily in a relationship with someone outside of the house, so Mike casually added, “You can’t bring anybody though, I can only bring one guest.” The two go on to plan what Danica will wear to the event and Mike tells her, “You’d probably look mad hot.” Probably? Has he seen her Maxim spread?

Although Danica may be involved, she seems to have strong feelings for Mike and the more time they spend together, the closer they get. Their Celebrity Big Brother co-star, Julie Goodyear, sees the connection and told Mike, “You’re just so right for each other. She’s got to see it. And I think she will.”

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