The Situation’s Taltos twins auctioning a date on eBay #TWINNING

The Situation TWINNING twins Erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos auction a date on eBay

For all of you out there too lazy to hit the gym enough to get The Situation’s infamous abs, here’s another way you can be like Mike – by winning a date with the Taltos Twins!

That’s right, the dynamic blonde duo that launched the #TWINNING craze by hooking up with The Situation (and Deena, and…) in Florence during Season 4 of Jersey Shore are offering you the chance to, ummmm, do what The Sitch did.

eBay auction for a date with the twins who inspired The Situation's Florence catchphrase TWINNING

All you need to do to start #TWINNING is put in your bid on Brittany Taltos and Erica Taltos’ eBay auction, which ends November 13 and has a starting bid of $1,000. Here’s the auction description:

BOGO. {Buy one blonde, get one free} Win a date with the official twins behind TWINNING. Make more headlines with the twins from Jersey Shore. This is THE opportunity for the night of your life, and only ONE person can win the bid! Treat yourself with a Christmas gift of a lifetime. Show the Situation who’s really TWINNING.

You plan the date. It’s in your hands no curfew

Included: Unlimited pictures

*Must be 21 or older and be the highest bidder. [No age limit] No refunds.

There is no mention of whether or not you will need to make the trip to the girls’ home state of Florida or if they will (*ahem*) come to you. Also, it doesn’t say if the winner will be picking up the tab or if that is included in the auction price.

Adding value to the auction is the fact that the Taltos twins are currently pitching a reality series and my guess is that the winner of this auction and the eventual hook up will most assuredly be featured on the show!

Here’s a better photo so you’ll know what you’re bidding on – for a more complete item(s) description, be sure to read our profile post on the twins!

The Situation's Twinning twins Erica and Brittany from Jersey Shore Season 4 in Florence

I was all up for a drunken night of fun with the twins, but I’ve only got about $64 in the bank and I’m guessing my wife would rather I spend that on groceries. Of course, if the “Israeli stalker” Danielle from Seasons 1 and 3 put herself up I might start thinking about selling the car!

UPDATE – The girls have updated their auction listing by adding this to the description:

We’re using the money to move to NYC.. Please help 🙂

And then, in big, bold, pink lettering:

HELP US GET TO NYC! (& stay in NYC)

You better hurry – there are already two bids!

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