PHOTOS Jenelle Evans shows off new boobs, is dating Gary Head again

Jenelle Evans and Gary head are back together

I’m beginning to seriously think that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is the only person on Earth that could pull off a 24/7 live feed reality show! Earlier this week she broke up with her infamous hoodied beau Kieffer Delp, in addition to having breast augmentation surgery on Wednesday.

The surgery meant Jenelle was on muscle relaxers, so when her roommate Allison revealed she was leaving town for a couple days this weekend, it meant she would need someone to come stay with her. Enter Jenelle’s other ex, Gary Head, who volunteered to stay with her and take care of her while Allison was away.

Jenelle then shared some photos of the four of them together (new boobs y’all!) out and about in the 910, seemingly picking up right where they left off before both went on a three-week marathon bashing each other on Twitter and Stickam.

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head are dating again

Jenelle Evans kissing Gary Head

UPDATE – Jenelle and her new twins take a stroll on the beach in a bikini!

She replied to fans concerned about a reconciliation by be making it clear that she and Gary were not back together.

A couple hours later, Jenelle announced on Twitter and Facebook that she and Gary are back together! (That exclamation point was probably a bit unnecessary.)

Me and @gary_head have made it official we r dating now <3 4 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

A concerned fan tweeted, “whyyyyyy!!!!? This is so dumb! He told you he cheated on you jenelle! Come on think a little.” Jenelle responded by writing, “I kno but I forgave him I’m over it and we r starting out fresh”

If you remember, Gary reportedly proposed to Jenelle just before they split for good last time, and according to his tweets, he later returned the ring. I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see Gary on bended knee once again.

You know, I have a suggestion for Jenelle… polygamy! She could have a reality show called Brother Husbands in which she has several husbands (Gary, Kieffer, ???) all living in the same house with Jenelle and her female BFF at the time. At any given time she would only be in love with one of them and the others would be plotting together to bring about her downfall. In between all the romantical backstabbing and plotting, Barbara and Jace would make guest appearances. I would call it Happily Evans After.

Annnnnnyways… Congratulations to Jenelle and Gary! They do seem really happy together.

Gary Head and Jenelle Evans dating again