PHOTOS Pusher Brittany Maggard wanted to see Jenelle Evans fight

If you’ve seen the now infamous Jenelle Evans Teen Mom fight, and who hasn’t, then you know the whole thing got started by a little push in the back.  The young woman who did the pushing that started the already infamous Jenelle Evans caught-on-video brawl is one Brittany Maggard.

TMZ caught up with Maggard and she explained why she did the pushing, what the fight was about, and why she’s glad police don’t worry about your socks when they’re taking your mug shots.  Her answers were Jenelle Evans level candid so I’m guessing bein’ straight up must run in the water in those parts of North Carolina!  Here’s what she said:

“Jenelle wanted to go and fight Britany because of something with her man.  She was scared and wouldn’t go fight by herself so I went to help her out.  Ya I instigated it, but what the hell are we supposed to do?  I wanted to see them fight!”

Brittany Maggard was the young girl who pushed Jenelle Evans in the Teen mom fight videoI think we might need a new TV show just for these peeps even though this sadly confirms that the fight was over Kieffer Delp, who is the namesake of the new term “delper.”  I mean Evans and Maggard tell it straighter than any Real Housewife!  Brittany added that:

“I’m pissed though because I went down to help her out, we both ended up in jail, she got bailed out before me and when I called her to get me out, she didn’t come.”

Then she discussed her Spider-Man sock situation:

“I’m just glad my mug didn’t show my socks.  My socks weren’t matching.  I had one Spider-Man sock and one green sock on.”


I hate it when I do that before I get arrested.  Doing a little digging I was able to find BM’s shout-out to her bf that did bail her out.  Here is what she had to say via Facebook as a reply about friendship.  I’ve blurred out her bf’s identity just because I don’t want any young gals from that neck of the woods angry at this blogger.  I don’t like the looks of things when they get mad!

I’m wondering if Brittany lawyered up before speaking with TMZ? Anyways here’s another photo of Brittany, this one a little old school I believe, from her MySpace page:


Here’s what she had to say about herself in the About Me section of her MySpace page:

…so you should no tha name by now i reside in bsl 17 yrs old cupcake is my road dawg so therefore u arenet needed ok so i go to bcc most of the time im taken by the best boyfriend i could ask for cupcake n brownie b my rider er die bittys im a easy goin chick till you piss me off i love to have a good time and party. i wont start nothing with you but i damn sure aint but to take no sh!t off you neither i stand up for the ones i love and wat i beleive in IM ME and your approval isent needed if i dont like you i have a reason if you dont like me i probally wont care i got alot of haters but who dont im a upfront kinda chick so if ya wanna know sumthin ask i have sex do drugs curse like a fuc**n sailor get drunk and fight stand up for whats right and do WHAT THE F**K I WANT dont like it????? get off my fu**ing page 🙂 DUECES

Now you know!

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