PHOTOS Jenelle Evans arrives for court, has “Teen Mom Brawl” case continued again

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans arrives for court July 22 2011

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court today where she and her lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, had the trial from the infamous “Teen Mom Brawl” continued once again. The next scheduled court date for the case is September 9.

The continuance should have been a bit of good news for Jenelle, who seemed to be on the road to bettering her life after returning home from a 30-day stint at a rehab facility in Malibu, California in early June. But any positive feelings from having the brawl case delayed were probably overshadowed by the fact that Jenelle will be back in court on August 24 because of numerous probation violations which included testing positive for THC, a substance found in marijuana. (You can read more about her probation violations, including a transcript from the report, HERE)

Plus, TMZ posted photos earlier today taken on July 17 that appear to show Jenelle smoking pot once again – only two days after the initial probation violation report was filed!

Jenelle Evans shoots scenes for Teen Mom 2 Season 2

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news – especially when it comes to Jenelle (who I have slowly become a fan of over the last couple years) but I just don’t see how she is going to be able to avoid spending time in jail for these egregious probation violations. She’s already used her rehab card so I don’t think there’s much her attorney can bargain with on her behalf.

Jenelle – I understand you like marijuana and I agree that as far as breaking the law it is a pretty minor thing, but why on Earth would you bring someone along and let them take pictures?!? At least, as far as we know, the MTV camera crew wasn’t there (unlike her court appearance today).

That being said, did you notice Jenelle was sporting some seriously elevated stiletto heels?!?

Jenelle Evans in high heels with attorney Dustin Sullivan July 22 2011

***There were also some photos of Jenelle falling down in the grass (heh heh – I said “grass”) but I chose not to use those out of respect for my Teen Mom bud. (heh heh – “bud”)

Photos: Young/Drummond/Splash News