PHOTOS: Is Jim Carrey mourning his loss of Jenny McCarthy with art therapy?

“I paint therefore I ham”

Sometimes we have to go to extremes to move on in life and it looks like Hollywood mega-star funny-face maker Jim Carrey is no different.  He puts his pants on one leg at a time and he expresses his inner emotions with a little painting as well.  Good for you Jim, but tweeting said paintings I don’t know.

Jim Carrey has released two images of his most recent master-work via his Twitter page.  It is titled “Heart Upon Re-entry”.  No I’m serious that is what it’s called.  First up his Twitter announcement:

Wait did i just see that, does Carrey also make funny faces with his Twitter posts!?!  Oh man that guy is unflappable with that routine wow.  Anyway, here are the two preview images that Jim has so thoughtfully shared with the world of “Heart Upon Re-entry.”

Image: Twitter – Twitpic

This isn’t the first time that Carrey has expressed his emotions via Twitter.  He formally announced his split with Jenny McCarthy in this same manner (if you can formally do something with a tweet).  I bet all the psychologists around Hollywood are printing up a sign that says, “Talk to me before you tweet” to put front in center in their offices.

This also isn’t Carrey’s first foray into expressionist painting.  He confided to Oprah that he painted a portrait of Jenny for Valentines day.  Carrey stated:

“I did a painting for Jenny and it took me 50 hours”

50 hours is a long time and with a quick scan of some online images I think there are truck-loads of perfectly enjoyable “artistic” images of Jenny that can be enjoyed.  Perhaps Bravo may want to consider Carrey as a guest judge for their upcoming reality show “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist“.  The contestants may not value his opinion on their art but they will just have to laugh at all those funny faces.