Bobby Brown’s manager/girlfriend/baby-momma Alicia Etheridge will be Bobby Brown’s wife!

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It was Bobby Brown’s “prerogative” to bring his manager and girlfriend Alicia Etheridge out on stage in Jacksonville and propose!  According to the Florida Times-Union “Mr. Telephone Man” got Alicia on the line and she was brought out on stage along with their 11 month-old son Cassius for the big moment.

Apparently the crowd was extremely receptive, cheering Brown on as he got down on one knee to propose.  Isn’t Bobby sooooo romantic!  This of course was big news and it was big news to me that Bobby Brown was still touring.  The concert was the Budweiser Funk Fest which took place at Jacksonville’s Metro Park over the weekend.

One man in attendence had a very succinct observation in regards to the proposal:

“We shouted, we screamed,” Carol Pearsall told the paper. “We supported him.” Her husband, Paul, added, “Hopefully he’ll get it right this time.”

I bet Paul was dragged to the show by Carol who has old New Edition posters still stapled to her closet wall.  If it wasn’t bad enough for poor Paul he had to actually answer questions from a reporter about Bobby Brown proposing live on stage.  Come on ladies give the guys credit when they take bullets for their marriage.

Speaking of wedded bliss this will be Bobby Brown’s second run at forever, the first was with well you know:

Good luck Alicia and “don’t be cruel” and remember that “every little step” together is an important one.