PHOTOS HGTV offers a sneak peek of the Fixer Upper B&B

Fixer Upper Three

We’re just a week away from the official Fixer Upper B&B episode, and HGTV is starting to pull back the curtain on the project just the teensiest bit. Today, the network dropped a surprise photo gallery of the Fixer Upper B&B–which now has a name!

First, though, a quick bit of nostalgia: devotées of Joanna Gaines’ Instagram feed will remember a great photo she shared a few months back, when the #seasonthreeiscoming tidal waves were just starting to build up strength, of she and Chip kicking out the vinyl railing of an old Victorian home:

As it turns out, Joanna’s kick was the first bit of work she and Chip did on the Fixer Upper B&B–because, thanks to HGTV’s just-uploaded photo gallery, we know that this is the porch of the house!

In addition, we also know that the project has a name, beyond just “Fixer Upper B&B” or “Fixer Upper Bed and Breakfast.” Can you guess what that name might be? Here’s a hint: Joanna’s storefront is called Magnolia Market; she and Chipper’s business is now housed at the Magnolia Silos; their planned community is called Magnolia Homes…so, in keeping with that theme, enjoy a quick photo gallery of Joanna and Chipper Gaines’ newest endeavor, the Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast!

Fixer Upper B&B 1

Fixer Upper B&B 2

Fixer Upper B&B 3

Fixer Upper B&B 4

Fixer Upper B&B 5

Fixer Upper B&B 6

Fixer Upper B&B 7

Fixer Upper B&B 8

Intrigued? Click here to check out HGTV’s full Fixer Upper B&B photo gallery, in advance of tonight’s brand-new episode!


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper B&B via Rachel Whyte / HGTV)

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