PHOTOS Heidi Klum as Cleopatra with bejeweled face at The 2012 Haunted Holiday Costume Party

Heidi Klum Cleopatra costume 2012

Hurricane Sandy forced Heidi Klum’s to cancel her annual Halloween bash in October, but the Project Runway host “made it work” by rescheduling the bash for December 1, renaming the event “The 2012 Haunted Holiday Party” and making it into a fundraiser for the American Red Cross! 39-year-old Klum didn’t disappoint as she once again delivered an over-the-top costume, this time coming as Cleopatra, complete with massive gold wings, sky-high elevated platform shoes, and a jewel-encrusted face!

Heidi Klum Cleopatra face encrusted and bejeweled with rhinestones or crystals

Heidi tweeted a couple photos of the pre-party preparation it took to achieve the bedazzled countenance, which took hundreds of colorful rhinestones.

Heidi Klum tweet Getting ready with Bill Corso for my Haunted Holiday Party!

The above photo was tweeted along with the words, “Getting ready with Bill Corso for my Haunted Holiday Party!” This next photo, which shows all of the rhinestones carefully organized and labeled, was simply captioned, “My face…”

The rhinestones used for Heidi Klum's Cleopatra face in a plastic organizer

Here’s a full-length photo of Heidi Klum’s Cleopatra costume complete with gold-winged cape — click to enlarge:

Heidi Klum Cleopatra 2012 Haunted Holiday Party Red Cross Hurricane Sandy fundraiser

And here are Heidi’s rather intimidating elevated gold Cleopatra sneakers! (I bet some vertically challenged hoopsters are already looking for where they can get their own pair of Air Klums.)

Heidi Kllum's shoes for her Cleopatra costume

I have to say that Heidi did the best portrayal of Cleopatra that I’ve seen in weeks! 😉