VIDEO Katt Williams slaps a Target employee, collectively loses his marbles

Comedian Katt Williams has collectively lost his sh!t and a security camera in a Sacramento, California Target store provides indisputable proof of this fact.

It’s like someone pinky, double-dared Williams to grab the crown for craziest celebrity over the holidays and I’m tossing the always dependably troubled Lindsay Lohan in the race – and Katt is winning / losing.

Here’s the breakdown for the Katt Williams bizarre breakdown that went down:

Police in Sacramento observed Williams riding some strange 3-wheeled device on the sidewalks of their fine city. When they attempted to pull him over to kindly inform dude he might run over a pedestrian or two he took off, starting a wacky 3-heeler vs. cops street chase.

The hot pursuit went on for a few minutes, which isn’t bad eluding skills for a 3-wheel device I would guess. Katt’s wild ride included going as far as to make 3-wheel tracks down the wrong side of the road. Cops eventually laid off figuring they were endangering more Sacramento citizens by continuing the chase (kudos to them in my opinion). They plan on asking the District Attorney to file felony evasion charges.

Since the cops let Katt 3-whell-ride on out of there, he decided to make his way to an area Target, argue with an employee and go Rick James five-finger-slap on Target guy’s face. Here’s the footage that features maybe the most laid back and reasonable Target employee ever. New employees for years will be watching this clip to accentuate, how even in the most extreme circumstances, you keep your cool. Seriously, this dude deserves an award.

Now that Katt-Dub had got his 3-wheel chase / Target slap combo on he decided to pull of a trifecta of dumbness by attempting to start a bar fight. Williams is said to have brandishes a pool cue, because bat-Sh!t crazy people seem to always end up at a bar brandishing a billiard stick, and threatened the establishment’s manager as if he were auditioning for a role in a Road House remake.

He left the establishment following a family outside and is alleged to have thrown a lit cigarette at a woman’s face. For good measure Katt tossed a rock through a car window. Williams was booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. He was released early Monday morning.

UPDATE – Here’s another view of just after the Katt Williams slap that includes the Target employee calling the police and Katt rolling out in style:

Photo: Sam Wilson / WENN