PHOTOS Glee Christmas episode with Lea Michele, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer as sexy elves

Glee Season 5 Christmas episode 8 Chris Colfer Naya Rivera Lea Michele elf costumes

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the set of Glee! Show stars Lea Michele, Naya Rivera and Chris Colfer were photographed at a Burbank, California mall earlier today shooting a scene for the Glee Season 5 Christmas episode with all three decked out in elf costumes as they played the part of Santa’s little helpers.

Actually, one of the stars looked more like Santa’s little Colfer, as you can tell in this picture I call “The Little Hummel Boy:”

Kurt Hummel actor Chris Colfer in elf costume for Glee Christmas episode Season 5 2013

(Alternate Title: “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Chris Colfer”)

According to reports, the cast performed “Here Comes Santa Claus” complete with choreography involving candy canes. And speaking of that particular Christmas carol and sweets, check out this photo of Naya Rivera bringing sexy back to the North Pole as a holidayum fine piece of eye candy in a photo I’ve titled “Here Comes Santana Claws:”

Santana Lopez actress Naya Rivera sexy elf Glee Christmas episode 8 Season 5

O Santannenbaum! That elf can sit on my shelf any time y’all!

From my shelf to Lea Michelf, check out this next picture of Lea in her slightly more conservative elf attire that I have festively titled “Have Yourself A Rachel Berry Little Christmas:”

Rachel Berry elf costume Glee Season 5 Christmas episode 8

Some fans might wonder what the cast is doing shooting a Christmas episode when Glee Season 5 is currently set in May — apparently producers are going to bill it as a “lost” or “unaired” episode. I’m sure some Grinchy trolls will complain about the stretch, but anything that means we get to go “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Glee” yet again gets two thumbs up in my book!

Here’s a shot of Naya and Lea showing off their Christmas chair Christmas cheer:

Rachel and Santana as Santa's little helper elves Glee Christmas Special Season 5 Episode 8

* Glee Did You Noel: This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Chris Colfer as one of Santa’s little helpers! He posed for an elf portrait back in December of 2011 and tweeted, “Elf on the Shelf at Naya’s Xmas party!!!” Here’s the photo (since deleted):

Chris Colfer's elf on the shelf costume from Naya Rivera's Christmas party in 2011 Twitter Lockerz

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