PHOTOS Gerard Butler spoofs Michael Jackson, dangles baby out of a window

Gerard Butler dangles a baby!

Actor Gerard Butler was possessed by the ghost of Michael Jackson today, causing him to dangle a baby out of a window in London!

Nah, the Scottish actor was just having a little fun mimicking the King of Pop’s infamous stunt where he dangled his new born son Blanket out of a German hotel window for the screaming fans below. Flynet says Gerard’s bundle of joy was actually just a houseplant wrapped in a towel.

Good thing it wasn’t a real baby! And too bad it wasn’t Jennifer Aniston. (That wasn’t very nice. Though you have to admit Gerard Butler dangling Jennifer Aniston out of a hotel window would have been a lot more interesting! She gets dumped by guys all the time – she could take it!)

Click on thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery:

Photos: Matrix / Flynet Pictures
Ol’ Mr. Butler better watch himself! He’s gonna have the People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants after his Scottish arse!

Here’s the original, real deal baby dangle from the King of Drop Michael Jackson:

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