PHOTOS Geena Davis at Thelma and Louise 20th Anniversary screening

Geena Davis at Thelma and Louise 20th screening

Back in 1991 the powerful female pair of Thelma and Louise set theaters on fire with their rebellious ride and launched co-stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in to the stratosphere of A-list actresses.

There are certain movies that resonate deeply with a core audience and transcend the time in which they were produced. For fans of this modern-day classic about two women who break free from the confines of their entrapping lives to delve in to the idea of an American frontier this is certainly one of those special films. If you know someone who’s a Thelma and Louise fan, you know that they really LOVE it and would fight you over their original VHS copy they never returned as a rental.

When movies affect people deeply like this one the years can pile up on them faster than you realize and if you can believe it Thelma and Louise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. In 1991 Both Sarandon and Davis received Oscar nominations for their performances and screenwriter Callie Khouri won one of those little golden men for her terrific work.

Geena Davis at Thelma and Louise 20th screening

A new print of the film was screened in celebration of this important milestone at the Motion Picture Academy in Beverly Hills, along with a discussion from some of the key players. Sadly Sarandon did not attend but a glowing and joyful Geena Davis was on hand and was excited to reminisce about a film that meant so much to her career.

“I’ve always loved when other movies have their 20th anniversary. I remember when ‘Grease’ had the 20th anniversary and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so cool.’ And now it’s me. It must mean I’ve been around for a while.”

Davis added that it took her over a year to land the coveted role of the disenfranchised Thelma.

Here’s the original trailer for the film and after watching it I’d still want to go down to the theater and see it even it costs about ten bucks more now for a ticket.

Here’s one last parting shot of Geena, and in my opinion Thelma’s still got it:

Geena Davis at Thelma and Louise 20th screening

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