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Little Women cast support Terra Jole on DWTS

The Little Women franchise is full of all the drama and infighting, but some of the cast from the shows have put down their swords and come out in support of co-star Terra Jole's trailblazing appearance as the first little person on Dancing with the Stars. See her quickstep from last night that had the judges head over heels as well as a number of tweets of support from fellow Little Women ladies.

Vosoritide, new drug to treat dwarfism, successful in preliminary study

BioMarin Pharmaceutical shared some amazing news last week when they revealed that their new experimental drug to treat dwarfism showed a 50% growth increase among the children receiving the highest doses in a preliminary study. The drug, called BMN 111, or Vosoritide, is vying to be the first ever drug approved to treat dwarfism. Keep reading for all the details from the study, as well as the next step in the drug's approval!

PHOTOS Lifetime’s Little Women NY cast includes Miley Cyrus dancer Jordanna James

Lifetime is capitalizing on the success of its popular Little Women LA reality series as it takes viewers from The City of Angels to The Big Apple with Little Women NY, starring seven little people including one of Miley Cyrus' now-famous back-up dancers from her Bangerz Tour! Keep reading to meet the entire cast, which also includes a familiar face for those familiar with Little Women LA.