PHOTOS Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson without a beard (almost)

Duck Commander Jase Robertson

On Duck Dynasty, every royal Robertson has a distinctive character. Willie is the ambitious and responsible one. Phil is the duck-a-holic, mad scentist, duck call inventor who created the dynasty out of thin air. Si? Hey! He’s the Vietnam Vet with a tall tale for every occasion. Willie’s brother, Jase Robertson stands out, though, even in the midst of all those huge personalities.

Jase is kind of like the Loki to Willie’s Thor . . . but less evil. He won’t let Willie get too serious about business or his daughter’s date to the dance. He won’t let any of the Robertsons forget that they are living a redneck dream. And, he won’t let a day go by without finding something fun to do . . . even if that means getting slightly on the other side of the law.

Part of what makes Jase compelling is his natural presence on the screen. None of the Robertsons can touch his gift for looking right into the camera with a shaggy-bearded, dead-pan expression, and laying down the redneck truth about something. Maybe that’s why folks (including me) have been so anxious to have a look at Jase “btb” (before the beard). While you can find photos here and there of Willie’s clean-shaven, dimpled mug, getting a glimpse of Jase’s face has been a bit more challenging for Duck Dynasty fans.

But, Jase’s wife, Missy, took care of us not too long ago, and posted this family pic on twitter.

Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson without a beard almost

Even though Jase isn’t entirely beardless in this shot, you can clearly see his face through the scruff. And look at that lovely family! Missy is gorgeous–those Robertson boys certainly married well. And the kids look like they fell off the cover of a Land’s End catalog!

Is it just me, or does Jase look younger with the beard? Hard to say. Maybe if I saw a beardless Jase frog hunting at the country club, or hijacking Willie’s RV, he wouldn’t seem quite so mature!

(And, just in case you’re under the mistaken impression that Willie doesn’t know how to cut up, too, check out this video of him serenading Atlanta Braves future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones.)

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