“Hit Him Harder!” Teacher allegedly told 24 students to hit 6-year-old “bully” Aiden Neely

Amy and Aiden Neely

The bully awareness movement that’s sweeping the U.S. is largely a good thing. It’s causing children, AND adults to take a good look at their own behavior, and how it affects others. But this is a story about an adult, a teacher no less, who completely missed the point in the worst way.

A police report filed in San Antonio, Texas reveals that a teacher at Salinas Elementary School is accused of having 24 of her students line up to teach fellow student 6-year-old Aiden Neely “why bullying is bad” by hitting him. According to the report, the teacher yelled to the children “Hit him!” and “Hit him harder!” The report also states that many of the children, his friends, didn’t want to take part but did so because they were afraid of the consequences.

Aiden didn’t tell his parents about the incident because the teacher told the whole class not to tell. Aiden’s family found out about the incident weeks afterwards, when the principal called her. A police report was filed, and the teacher was let go. Aiden’s mother Amy neely isn’t satisfied with that, however, she wants to make sure this teacher never works with children again.

Both the teacher who performed the strange and abusive anti-bully punishment, and another teacher who failed to report it, have been charged with a misdemeanor.

How would you react if your child was punished this way?