PHOTOS Did Beyonce Photoshop a thigh gap in her Instagram pictures?

Beyonce Vacation

Beyonce is currently on vacation in the Dominican Republic — but can’t catch a break from on-the-ball Instagram followers who noticed something very suspicious about her recent pictures.

In two “candid” golfing images posted on Thursday, it looks like Beyonce’s lower half was treated to a digital diet by Photoshop’s clone stamp tool. In one picture, she appears to have a haphazardly created thigh gap… Complete with slightly pixelated, uneven lines, which are telltale signs of a Photoshop novice.

Beyonce Photoshop Thigh Gap

Of course, we can’t say for sure that Photoshop was employed to edit the picture. For comparison’s sake, here’s a candid picture from a concert in August 2013…

Beyonce Thigh Gap Before and After

In a second picture, her famous booty seems to be accentuated by slimmer thighs.

Beyonce Photoshop Golf Pictures

Here’s another candid shot for comparison…

Beyonce Booty Photoshop Before and After

What’s really kind of depressing about these pictures — especially after looking at the comparisons images — is that Beyonce totally doesn’t need any help from Dr. Photoshop.

Do you think the pictures are Photoshopped?

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