Beyhive goes after Rachael Ray thinking she is Rachel Roy, rumored Jay Z mistress and ‘Becky with the good hair’

Rachael Ray Beyhive Instagram photo Becky with the good hair Rachel Roy mix up

Beyoncé’s avid fanbase, affectionately known collectively as the Beyhive, is all abuzz after the highly anticipated release of Lemonade last night. The “visual album” includes mention of a “Becky with the good hair,” who is believed to be a reference to Jay Z’s mistress and the cause of the infamous elevator fight in 2014.

The private investigator drones of the Beyhive have deduced that “Becky with the good hair” is Rachel Roy, a fashion designer and ex-wife of Damon Dash, a former business partner of Jay Z’s. Rachel stirred up the buzz by posting an Instagram photo shortly after the Lemonade HBO special aired that she captioned with: “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens.”

As you might imagine, the Beyhive has been swarming Rachel Roy relentlessly over the past 15 hours or so. But, some of B’s bees are apparently so worked up that they got their vowels a little confused, and they are going after Food Network star Rachael Ray!

Much like yellow jackets at a picnic, the Beyhive swarmed around a sandwich photo posted by Rachael Ray two days ago. “Don’t miss my crazy tasty Texas style slow cooked pulled beef chili Joes,” Rachael innocently captioned the photo, adding the hash tags #recipes #food and #cooking.

The comments section on the picture has since filled up with both angry Beyhivers, those trying to point out the misidentification, and those (like me) enjoying the hell out of the absurdity of it all! Any sort of editing on my part would be pointless, so I’ve just copied and pasted all the comments it would allow me to. Unfortunately, it appears that the angry comments are getting deleted much faster than the corrective ones — probably because those folks realized their mistake. Even so, it’s quite enjoyable, and there is some hilarious commentary mixed in. Bon appetit!

Don't miss my crazy tasty Texas style slow cooked pulled beef chili Joes. #recipes #food #cooking

A photo posted by Rachael Ray (@rachaelray) on

steadygettingblown You should just smash Jay Z too and get it over with ? ??????


sheislynn Face palm… Im not even part of the beyhive and have such second hand embarrassment. Forgive thwm Rachael for they know not what they do… Btw your dog food is awesome! My elder dog loves it

ededd_n_eddie @steadygettingblown ????

jvnehh THE BEYHIVE IS P-E to the T-T-Y ??

bossjaysodmg Beyoncé fans going crazy ????

thebrandonsousa #prayforrachaelray

gaurv.54 LOOL

thebrandonsousa #prayforrachaelray

qveenparnaa @jvnehh you got that right

symone___b.jordan__ im sorry rachael on behalf of all by hives ???????

snooprozzyroz @jjbaldwin10 people have the wrong Rachael I’m dying ??

justified__genius Y’all got the wrong person ??? y’all mothers learned to cook from this woman, let her be

I can’t ???????

jroy4733 Damn she don’t even want to cook no more

nyfly207 You killed prince

xoxovanitygirl Poor Rachael

thebrandonsousa #PrayForRachaelRay

mindyabreezy Rachel Roy said she have good hair on her page go to her tags ( #RachelRoy )

ededd_n_eddie ???????

iamtanishathomas Guys this is the wrong Rachel ???

follow_with_caution Now @rachaelray next post gonna be about us having to respeck her name ?

blackcladlizard If she’s smart she’ll capitalize on this and post a honey lemon dish ? ?

qveenparnaa #PrayForRachaelRay

beyonzce @brockkugler YOU HAVE ME DEAD ??

_mizzdreambigg ????

slinky_ironman @_mizzdreambigg wrong Rachel. Lol

donwavy317 it’s Roy not Ray. all of y’all are stupid hatin on her IG for no reason. educate yourselves.

sirlakeside Making me hungry already ?

conorlindsay300 @qveenparnaa your stupid

moneymakerkevin @beyonzce the beyhive are a bunch of idiots that will pretend they like anything she puts out. I mean look at her last song, pure trash but y’all still pretend to like it smh Poor girl!

sheislynn But i bet Rachel Roy is wiping sweat from her forehead lmaooo like “whew, those idiots have moved on to the wrong person”

thebrandonsousa I’m starving now fr

just_chesty ???????? and I use to love your 30 minute meals , you just lost a fan and I let yore husband know what you out here doing

phenomenal.nae Omg I love bey but I can’t claim the Beyhive. Y’all to do too much. Can’t even go in on the right page ??????

mitchcabe.mp3 ????????????

qveenparnaa @conorlindsay300 isn’t that cool

derbloodbruder @carlajowell THIS BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR ???????

slinky_ironman @savanabananaa hahahaha

thebrandonsousa ??????? @just_chesty

Beyonce lemonade stand

kedzisking Yall Need Some Damn Hobbies Lol

mitchcabe.mp3 POST UP BECKY ??????

_grindnshine_ Most famous Pork slider ever‼️ love your show @rachaelray I’m a fan

thatmfblasian Lmaoooo wrong Rachael y’all stupid

beyonzce @moneymakerkevin n!gga she just put out a new album? f**k u mean her “last song”

tisacalai @k.bannndzz wait….but it’s the Internet. Lol you want to fight me over….the Internet? ?

babyitsmb @derbloodbruder no wrong rachel

sixelaelocin @moneymakerkevin ??????

queensmademe82 @beyonce make it stop #wrongbecky

mayamastah ???????????

trinitimarley At this point I think the beyhive knows this is the wrong side chick and they’re just doing it to be funny ?

calebcbuehrle @just_chesty damn you stupid

mitchcabe.mp3 @huntyvevo DRAG HA ??????

thebrandonsousa @_grindnshine_ same ???????

follow_with_caution LMFAOOOO I just want to know who dyslexic ass got the names confused ???

thomasmcwhirter ??????

blackcladlizard I heard she f**ked Jay z so take that ? ?

sixelaelocin These people are seriosuly nuts

cx.vee ??????

cx.vee Too Much

ari_stx_annie340 @derbloodbruder no it ain’t baby lol wrong Rcheal this is the lady from the cooking show ??

lordv0ldemort @derbloodbruder no it’s not its @Rachel_roy


chip_ninjah ???????????

tonyonenacl ?????

moneymakerkevin @just_chesty it’s the wrong person idiot ?

astrologyhun Ya’ll are so damn dumb. I guess Roy and Ray are the same word.

fredafiredup I hope their dumb asses apologizes to this lady but that’d be too much like right, smh.

foreign.monae Broo #beyhive fans are going ham??? just sit back and eat my popcorn??

thebrandonsousa Bruh read this sh!t @xo.zer0

bby.liyaahh Lmaoooooooo?

kaylaj2u ?????

natbrat13 @mslv2u read the comments lol

derbloodbruder @carlajowell BEYHIVE GET IN FORMATION AND ATTACK

thebrandonsousa #PrayForRachaelRay

_grindnshine_ Delete the slider for goodness sake?

krazyazzkiki ??????

thebrandonsousa Guys… #PrayForRachaelRay

lordv0ldemort @mitchcabe.mp3 no it’s not

cooliegal @archofaorta remember when she made that pho using pasta noodles?

queenlishers Lmfao @transplantedtdotgirl the beyhive is attacking Rachael Ray LMFAOOO

mitchcabe.mp3 pull up in the elevator MISS RAY ???????

qveenparnaa Obviously we know it’s the wrong person but Roy’s is private and Rays is not

toni601_ @mssavvyb ??????

lk.xoxo Dumbass beyhive

queensmademe82 She’s about to have more comments then likes!! ??

nyfly207 ??? worldstar bought me here

cisowavvyyy @chip_ninjah @tonyonenacl @mitchcabe.mp3 @steadygettingblown y’all doing the wrong person????

dtringaaa @marielkaitlin lol

moneymakerkevin @beyonzce think I keep up with that garbage can? She could put out 500 albums and every single song on that would be just as trash as the last one

aliqueclarke Bitch

ari_stx_annie340 #justiceForRachaelRay

chip_ninjah ???????????

thebrandonsousa Same @nyfly207

astrologyhun I thought I was dyslexic. Apparently the beehive is too. ?

unadornedbliss Instead of y’all being negative under her comments how about applaud her because this food on her IG look good as hell ??? like for real


mayamastah ????????????

queensmademe82 #cheflivesmatter

thebrandonsousa I’m now a Rachael Ray fan. This food looks bust.

micamandy Rachel Roy NOT Racheal Ray lol The beyhive is coming after YOU the CHEF who spells her name completely differently than Rachel Roy the fashion designer. The Beyhive is ignorant for this…

chanelectronic LOLOLOLOL y’all- we can’t be trying to fight Racheal Ray ANNND spelling her name wrong, fam. Chef is DOUBLE As in her name. Stopppp. Y’all want to square up on Rachel Roy. Stay gracious, babies. ?

dyszn You got Jay-Z whipped into your 30 minute meals huh? No way Queen’s potato salad was bad compared to yours Square up in the elevator chef ladie ??????????

carlajowell @derbloodbruder OMG THIS IS HER ??

jvnehh Sorry Rachel the BEYHIVE loves you ??

callmealphie @carlajowell Roy! Not ray

astrologyhun #justiceforrachaelray #nojusticenopeace #cheflivesmatter Sidenote that sammich looks divine

jakeelfstrom ???????

beyonzce @moneymakerkevin bruh am I arguing with a troll rn?

shanicewilson_ I’m screaming at yall in these comments. Let her cook dammit!! ????

mitchcabe.mp3 BECKY WITH THAT GOOD FOOD ??????

pretty_hippy_tosh Sorry the fleahive is illiterate no lives

unadornedbliss @dyszn you do realize it’s Rachel Roy lol you got the wrong person

nickiminajofimvu This the wrong person dumb asses


beedeezy206 u kids are retarded. lmao. u swarming on the wrong person

tandomveezy @nwisewise

dopeitsbrits ???????????? Beyhive, learn how to SPELL. Leave RachAel RAy alone!!!!! Unless you dummies want to learn how to cook for your invisible men.

yellowlouise Annnd now the world knows how ignorant you all are. Wow. ?

emilymaeweichert ???????????? BECKY WITH THE GOOD CHILI @connorkrill @shelbysacco @juliabyrne92 @vtammm

calluhh.duty @dyszn quit acting like a female bruh


thebrandonsousa She just got 2000 more followers in the time that this has gone on

dopeitsbrits Beehive ?

carlajowell @callmealphie naw dis her

unadornedbliss @dopeitsbrits wrong person lol

ebonysamone_ Beyoncé has some of the stupidest fans

tagerawilliams Stop!!!!! You guys need to respeck this woman ???? and leave her alone is you done or is you finished? #birdman#pettyastheycome

lexxis_nicole @christinareneeml ???

nvbian The beehive is retarded. Its no surprising that they’re attacking the wrong person

dyszn @calluhh.duty girly how am I acting like a “female” when I’m a woman myself … you mad dumb Yall are so petty you have the wrong rachael . You guys are looking for rachel ROY not rachael RAY

mayamastah This meal ?. ??????


unadornedbliss @mayamastah lol wrong person .. It’s not her

rkay11 @rachaelray is at home like WTF is wrong with these people

[So far the Rayhive has yet to retaliate.]

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