PHOTOS Beyonce introduces Japan to Sasha Fierce in concert

Beyonce performing as Sasha Fierce in Japan

Beyonce hit Japan with a hefty dose of bold, black and beautiful while performing at the Super Arena in Saitama on October 17, 2009. Her outfit definitely puts the “Fierce” in Sasha Fierce! How long before teenage girls everywhere are wearing Booty Bows? And how long before middle-aged women everywhere are getting hip implants?

Beyonce has made headlines recently after her concert in Malaysia was canceled and/or postponed reportedly due to the fact that her stage costumes would be inappropriate and immoral according to Islamic conservatives. The “Arts Beat” of The New York Times is reporting that the shows were merely postponed and the decision to do so was made entirely by Beyonce’s representatives. The decision had “nothing to do with other external reasons,” according to Marctensia, the Malaysian entertainment company putting on the show.

I don’t know a lot about Islamic conservatism, but the kind of sexy mojo Beyonce has going on is bound to not be in their realm of “appropriate,” and I mean that in an American good way! Sadly, I think Malaysia will get the pleasant experience of being introduced to the Booty Bow, but will also get the much less pleasant experience of being introduced to the Booty Veil.

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BeyonceBeyonce as Sasha Fierce

Beyonce concertBeyonce booty

Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce and backup dancers

Beyonce from behindBeyonce singing

Beyonce Japan concertBeyonce performs on stage

Beyonce on tourBeyonce Booty Bow

Photos: IC / Flynet Pictures

What’s not to like about Beyonce? She’s ridiculously talented, smart, beautiful and has the capacity to do what she did for Taylor Swift at The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards! Plus, I never get tired of saying her name, “Bay-yon-say, Bay-yon-say, Bay-yon-say…” I guess I do have one complaint about her outfit in the photos, though. It seems to bunch up where it shouldn’t bunch up – not that I was looking there! I think the Booty Bow and hip implants could catch on, but I seriously doubt an inverted camel toe will ever be fashionable.

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