Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s baby girl’s name ‘revealed’ — and it’s pretty surprising

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

I’ve got to hand it to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. I would not have pegged them as the types to keep their baby’s name a secret for seven weeks — but, here we are, still speculating about Baby Lively Reynold‘s name.

The initial rumor was that Blake and Ryan named their daughter Violet, which is a very traditional, distinctly feminine moniker. Now, E! News reports the name is the still-traditional, not-feminine “James.”

It seems like using historically masculine names for baby girls is a growing trend. Just look at Jessica Simpson’s daughter, Maxwell, or Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s baby girl, Wyatt. Then again, with the name “Blake,” the new mom has been ahead of the trend for years!

According to BabyNamesPedia, James was actually the 323rd most-popular baby girl name in 1930, but “is of only sporadic use today.” The only instances I can think of are Jamie King (who was born “Jamie,” but went by James for a few years) and James McCoy, the mommy blogger behind Bleubird.

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